Joyce Banda and Lutepo
Good old days: Oswald Lutepo with former President Joyce Banda

It was in 2016 when social media became a popular medium of communication, this was the very time corruption became the order of the day under the DPP government in Malawi. As per the wounds of cash gate that was exposed under the government of Peoples Party led by Madam Joyce Banda.

Each and every one believed that PP was a party that bred Cash gate. Sane people who believe in neutrality embarked on research and investigating history, some of us came to find out that Cash gate did not start with Joyce Banda but Joyce Banda was the president who came to openly accept that there is rampant corruption in the government.

Some of us went deep to source the truth till we came across evidence that Cash gate has been going on from 2007.

Governor of Reserve Bank then wrote to former late president Bingu WA Mutharika informing him about this theft in 2010.  We went deep to seek audience with appropriate authority but the present government of DPP blocked us.

Not knowing the whereabouts of Mrs. Joyce Banda we decided to create a platform to seek redress on this matter.

Bingu WA Mutharika
Late Bingu Wa Mutharika; believed to have stashed billions in foreign banks

Evidence showed that the Cash gate of MK30 billion was an action of anguish by the thieves who have been stealing the money from the government all of whom were supporters and cohorts of Bingu WA Mutharika.

In trying to destabilize the system they pocketed money in bags, car boots and some who went into the government of PP found the system and blindly were culprits in ignorance.

This was a ploy to discredit and tarnish the image of Joyce Banda in attempt to bring back DPP under Peter Mutharika to conceal the plunder in the government.

As investigations were on going ‘expose’ of MK61 billion was unveiled into Bingu WA Mutharika’s personal account.

MK577 billion was discovered to have been stolen by the very government by 7 of senior stalwarts.


Paul Mphwiyo
Mphwiyo: said to have masterminded cashgate

From 2012 Peter Mutharika used Cash gate scandal as a passport to get back into the government after “a failed coup de that” the anger of citizens against corruption and state theft saw Peter Mutharika and DPP coming back into power though revelations are showering that it was through rigging, thanks to the breaking away of UTM.

Thinking deeper on what Joyce Banda used to speak in her gatherings about cash gate some of us went deep into critical thinking.

“Joyce Banda revealed the system of government within and from without warned her not to pursue corruption as she will lose political baptism.”  Joyce Banda vowed to crush corruption even if it meant losing the presidency.

She established a team that contracted an international audit firm to come and expose the vice to stop the plague for the last time in Malawi.

Many thought this was political propaganda for her to remain in power. A section of people believed her but the majority believed Peter Mutharika.

The vote of 2014 was about to end corruption and cash gate.

Eyes of intelligent citizens opened to see Peter Mutharika failing to tackle corruption in Malawi per his promise.

The outstanding cases remained untouched.

The probe that Peter Mutharika pursued were of MK30 billion but never touched any one of the MK61 billion and MK577 billion that involved his brother and DPP seniors. As this definition of Maenga is released 13 files involving MK577 are hidden in the government secret corridors.

The campaign to end corruption has dwindled. President Peter Mutharika has stopped blaming PP and Joyce Banda he is now blaming the nation citing corruption can end only if all citizens stop it.

Worse still president Peter Mutharika was seen pardoning a number of convicts serving jail sentences of those involved in MK30 billion corruption yet there are many serving jails with minor cases such as Eric Aniva who was ignorantly conducting custom rituals.

This is the man who got his treason case stripped away because of winning (rigged) elections. Today he is involved in many scandals personally. He signs financial accounts of a ruling party by himself, all property of the party are in his name. Corrupt Indians share with him our stolen taxes money.

Few heads looked at these deadly cases and realized Malawi has been hijacked or hacked by thieves who use a sheep language while wolves and foxes in the government.

Four years of President Peter Mutharika has seen extravagant corruption with billions missing without anyone apprehended. State thieves have been acquitted in tribal justice system that look at tribe not jurisdiction. Almost all implicated have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

The heads of thinkers that love Malawi to the core sat down and created a group, knowing that this can be out of mindset and political culture from late 1964 we did not thought of creating a group of anti-vandalism and anti-corruption alone we decided to create a group of engagement where the suspected and those suspecting will come together and map out the future.

In thinking outside the box we found out that the framework and the entire foundation of statecraft may be compromised there was need to engage in restructuring and consolidating it in the values that benefits all.

This is why “Malawi Engagement Group” was founded. Maenga was not founded by one person, it was a team effort and a combination of ideas that sought a better future of this land we call home Malawi.

As we grew up in number ideas multiplied and rocketed to think and plan for everything that involve and affect Malawians.

From 2016 Maenga has contributed to the betterment of the nation and all citizens.


We have issued petitions, statements, exposed malaise and evils taking place inside the system of government with the intention to stop.

Maenga is not a political party, Maenga has members from different political affiliation and most of our members are from the ruling DPP.

In our segment of Think Tank we made sure all political party leaders and heads of civil society organizations as well as religious groups join so that we can together think the future of this nation we call home.

The process of registration is ongoing to make Maenga be able to floor its activities and reach out nationwide.

Thinkers have realized more loopholes that has made our statecraft to flop in many ways, there is too much ignorance on the people about the works of their government. Citizens do not know their rights and powers hence our system of government be hijacked and hostage.

Maenga would like to break the chain of ignorance and remove the shackles of fear and wrong perception that government and its leaders are masters of the people not servants.

We are aware DPP and President Peter Mutharika may feel offended knowing that if Maenga bring her legs on the soil of Malawi thieves will not have upper hand in the government.

If Peter Mutharika and DPP wished Malawi and the people well could join hands with Maenga to change the belief and work together in bringing sanity to the nation.

This is the reason many of DPP followers and supporters are against Maenga or label Maenga as jealous and rebel group.

Maenga has professionals who are willing to help change the country so that state system is run with clean hands and purge “theft mindset” of those running it.

Malawians! It is you to judge Maenga whether we are against the government or we are after a better Malawi?

This is what Maenga, MALAWI ENGAGEMENT GROUP stands for.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Haswel P Bandawe PhD.
Chairperson and Trustee.

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