May 21 polls

Written by Watipaso Mkandawire

Watipaso Mkandawire wrote on his wall page: I will speak for myself, The DPP has failed Malawians in the last 5 years in terms of meeting development aspirations, whether these Malawians voted for them or not in 2014. They have shown unbelievable arrogance and governed with frightening impunity. They deliberately killed systems and manipulated or ignored the constitution at every given opportunity. A case in point is when the Local Government Act was “raped” in broad day light.

The first entry point was the civil service which they turned into a party organ and made government parastatals cash-cows. They have abused power and resources and have built a cadre of opportunist who have systematically misappropriated government resources and corrupted officials. They have deliberately created an environment where opportunities for corruption and fraud have grown to alarming levels at all levels of government.

Fraud and corrupt practices have been rampant starting from simple things like “fuel vouchers”. How do you justify a fringe benefit of fuel vouchers worthy 1000 litres per month per person for local running for probably more than 100 people? Of course, these were liquidated for cash. Fraud and corrupt practices have also become rampant in provision of land and delivery of many other government services.

Then they turned the youth into “Muppets” killing their future to become responsible citizens. They Conveniently started using these “Muppets” for clandestine jobs. Meanwhile in civil service, cash-gate intensified through fraud such as “allowance-gate” distributed among Staff of various government organs for meetings/seminars which never took place or staff never attended.

For a President not to able to see the country-decay speaks a lot about the leadership or lack of it and the direction our country has been going. It is embarrassing and shameful that the cream of DPP are highly educated people – some who built a reputation outside the country and others can be considered the elite of our country. The complicity displayed by this bunch of elites and even pretending that all is well, tells me that they have personally benefited from this fraud and abuse and want the status-quo.

Any well-meaning and patriotic Malawian cannot accept that we should continue with this bunch of “grabbers”. My vote will not count this year, but my voice can surely count. Go vote in numbers but not for DPP.

The biggest success of the May 21 Election will be a BIG and Resounding NO to DPP. Let DPP Go. Let those that have stolen, return our resources. Time for DPP to sit in the opposition benches. Maybe they can learn why this country belongs to us all. We will ensure you do not rest in peace. Mwatikwana

Final word. This election’s success will be measured by the ability of Malawians to send DPP packing.

On a lighter touch, Please, could someone drop EC back at Ginnery Corner on 22nd May

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