Mia and Chakwera following proceedings during the Ngabu rally

It seems like we are already in 2019 gunning for the elections if we consider the way political parties are dozing the nation with rallies and campaign propaganda.

It’s not wrong or bad for democracy and preparing the ground, but what is empty are the policy bags of political parties.

Atupele Muluzi
Lands Minster Atupele Muluzi defends controversial customary Land bill

No political party has demonstrated or distinguished its sense of maturity on policies and ideologies, apart from usual rhetoric’s that we have heard for 23 years.

You see this side it is Atupele Austin Muluzi greeting citizens with colourful sloganeering in yellow, but he has not come into the open and tell people the difference between the UDF and DPP.


He is busy greeting people but without any policy for which his party will stand.


He holds a Government cabinet position, that is widely being blamed for the tough Malawi life ever; and never has he been seen standing up and inform his followers what his side of the story is but we hear of him gearing up for the hot seat in 2019.


Is he gearing up as a presidential candidate for yellow or blue? Having participated in two governments of Orange and Blue, and being the biological seed of Yellow, what policy change is he brewing for transformation for Malawi?


The young Muluzi is a disappointment. May be rallies of being told or greeted, must be stopped or changed to rallies of questions so that citizens are given space to question their torchbearers hectic, critical and important questions about the transformation of Malawi.


On Sunday Muluzi is going to greet people in Ndirande Township; stop greeting and start telling the people as to what policies you have in mind to give hope to the desperate nation and citizens.


As if Afro barometer is not telling factual analysis, the oldest party is revived and geared to unseat all democratic parties formed after 1993.

Chakwera and wife

The Malawi Congress Party remains and is seen to be the only hope of the desperate nation; there is mass exodus of changing goal posts, speaking the language of comrade Uladi Mussa.


Day in day out, rally after rally new members and figureheads are baptized into the green gospel of Malawi Congress Party, but do you understand its policy departure or you just go where the wind is blowing?


The question that is asked on their behalf is, are you running away from the jaws of the crocodile into the jaws of another crocodile? Or you are running away from the jaws of a crocodile into the hands of the savior?


This is the Party that has a history, have the new faces announced their rebranding and born again policies? If yes, what are they talking about the past? What change is it and what guarantee do they give that a snake can be an angel?


The ruling DPP is the same party of 2005, it has not changed anything, the leadership bears the same name Mutharika, it is still blue, it is still a party of pangas and machetes, killing and violence.


The economy is good on paper, but worse on the ground, corruption is in high yield everywhere, and it is still a defiant party that listens to no one. When they hold their rallies, you flock in thousands only to be insulted and be told how stupid Malawians are.


No single day has this party stood up with transformative policies or policy departure where they promise the end of corruption and state looting, they do not announce when their old or usual evils of hiding and stealing state resources will end.


Every time they make a whistle stop or a rally they tell us what we already know, but no new policies of transformation.


The Orange party seems to be in the incubator, in the absence of the founder it is dormant. It has become a very good follower, wherever Malawi Congress Party is, you will find Orange seats. You are an independent political party for goodness sake; wake up and start talking sense.


Malawi is in a desperate mood and at the crossroads; there is thirst and hunger for a liberator to come and get out this nation from the miserable system of the last 53 years.


Stop dozing, and wipe your faces with cold water and move. Who knows, you might be the liberation citizens so desperately need?

Professor Chisi, George Nnensa, Mark Katsonga, where are you? Malawi is not what it was in 2014. Do not be scared by the large numbers of people following green, blue and yellow.


By now political leaders must know that if the number of people that comes in political rallies were voters, the DPP could not get 36%, MCP 34%, PP 25% and UDF 11%. Votes are in the hearts of individuals.


Enoch Chihana and AFORD! Stop spreading rationalistic politics; your father didn’t fight for north, Chakufwa Tom Chihana held the horns of the dictator for the transformation we all wanted.


Do not be blindfolded by political correct idioms of the South and central that is just propaganda.


Malawi has reached a point where citizens are not fools as President Peter Mutharika think.


Malawi is transformed that is why we are desperately looking for transformative leaders. The stories about the north not producing a president is politics of individualism known and practiced in DPP.

AFORD is a national party come down South, come east, be centralized who knows you can become the transformed leader Malawi is desperately looking forward to have in 2019?

To crown it all, Malawians must stop going into rallies to be greeted, to be insulted, to be divided or to be seen.

We want to be told policies of transformation and liberation from the bondage of corruption, poverty and under development.

MAENGA group would like to request all political leaders to provide space for question time at rallies so that citizens can have time to question the leaders some of the hectic points before addressing them.

This will speed up and jeck up many politicians from the slumber and many prepared speeches will be torn off as rallies will turn to be live and substantial.

In parting we call upon Dr. Lazarus Chakwera in your next campaign rally, to inform citizens as to why they must trust their vote to your party and you?

Tell us if the rebranding is about policies not just symbols.

President Peter Mutharika must in his next whistle stop rallies inform the nation why is he failing to curb corruption and why are cashgate files not made public? Why must we entrust him for another five years when the economy is decorated on paper not on the ground?

People’s Party must tell the nation whether it is defunct or we must help inform the Department of Registrar General to deregister Orange?

To the citizens: We need to know politicians are not our masters. They are in fact our servants, we employ them with our votes. We pay their salaries with our taxes. They must be voted in power only after they assure us of what they intend to do with our country development-wise, and the well being of our lives. They should not be voted for, because of names, money or fame.

In fact politicians are poor people: they want the elected office job for pay, therefore we as their employers must make sure we employ the servants that will obey and listen to us, the citizens.

This is the policy departure of voters. We wait with keen interest to hear politicians and political parties policy departure too.


Saunders Jumah is a contributor of Maravi Post.

The view expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor.