Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) have on Tuesday barred Dr George Chaponda from acting as the Agriculture Minister in the Parliament house.

Opposition MPs deny to recognize Chaponda as Agriculture Minister in Parliament

According to the opposition MPs, Chaponda is under probe on the K26 billion Zambia maize-gate scam hence he is not eligible to be recognized as the Minister.

The opposition MPs said this when Chaponda wanted to respond to the questions raised by the Mzuzu central law maker to his ministry.

“Madam first deputy speaker, Madam, it is not order for Chaponda to be recognized as the Agriculture Minister because of maize-gate issue. Madam first deputy speaker, Chaponda is not even wanted by people of his constituency and it will not be good to recognize him as the minister in this house,” said Kasungu south east law maker.

Lilongwe Mpenu law maker said “starving Malawians are failing to buy maize in ADMARC depots because of Chaponda therefore he is not the Agriculture Minister in this house”  ddding that the President should also fire him.

The first deputy speaker of the house, Mcheka Chilenje however ruled the two out of order while asking them to respect the house standing order 95 which says members shall not be mentioned their names but their titles like Minister, MP or speaker.

“This is unfair to the Agriculture Minister, he has not been convicted therefore he is still the minister,” argued Chilenje.

When Chaponda raised to respond to the Mzuzu central MP questions, opposition law makers shouted at him to sit down.

Chilenje failed to protect Chaponda and asked him to resume his seat.

Meanwhile, the first deputy speaker said the issue concerning the Agriculture Minister has been referred to the speaker’s office for proper action.