Headman Kayuni
Kyungu (Centre) advocates for corporal punishment

Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga has asked the Malawi Police Services to stop taking offenders to court of law but start using corporal punishment instead.Kyungu’s remarks follow a spate of robbery and vandalism of the Northern Region Water Board (NRWB), Malawi Telecommunication Limited (MTL) as well as Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi’s (ESCOM) properties in the northern region.

Speaking during the companies’ joint anti-vandalism campaign in Karonga district, Kyungu said most of the suspects brought to the court by the police are being quitted hence his proposal for the police to unleash corporal punishment on them.

“I don’t see any reason why the police should refer such suspects to the court, what you should is to handle them with your own hands especially by beating them,” said Kyungu.

According to the most powerful Chief in Karonga and Chitipa, taking the lawbreakers to the court is fueling the increase of such crimes.

“When they go there (at the court of law) they are usually protected by their lawyers or else the court tends to be so lenient to them, as a result they fail to change their rotten behaviour. Therefore, if the police start going overboard a little bit, the culprits will change,” he argued.

However, Karonga police Officer in Charge (OC) Sekani Tembo failed to deny or agree to Kyungu’s statement but she said the police will
discuss with the court to give stiffer punishment to the offenders.