The opposition People’s Party (PP) says there should be age limit for political leaders since some politicians fail to deliver due to old age.

Speaking in an interview, PP General Secretary Ibrahim Matola said Malawi needs young people in political positions in the country hence politicians should be forced to retire at a certain age.

“How old is the minister of finance? These are people that just sleep in conferences instead of contributing.

“We need to have young people that can contribute meaningfully to the development of this country, the same happens with people working in others sectors when they reach a certain age they are forced to retire so why not politicians?” wondered Matola.

He added that age limit will also help the youth in the country to be taking leadership roles in various political parties in the country.

While conquering with Matola, Youths activist Steven Simsokwe said age the law enforcers to pass come up with such laws.

Malawi is yet to set an age limit for president, Members of Parliament (MPs) and cabinet ministers.