By Alick Junior Sichali
Focus on Ability Society (FOA) says preparations about the 2nd short film festival on abilities of persons with disabilities will took place on 3rd November at Grace Bandawe Conference Hotel in Blantyre.
Executive Director of FOA, Macdonald Nyirenda, made the development in an interview with The Maravi Post ahead of a similar event to happen in Zimbabwe on 26 October.
Nyirenda said in June they stopped receiving entries of short films to participate at this year’s short film festival.
The Executive Director said this year they have received about 10 films which will be contesting for the grand price.
“This year we have planned that the first person to show the best video of abilities of persons with disabilities will receive an award like last year but this time around the person who will be on position 2 will also receive something,” Nyirenda said.
According to Nyirenda showcasing things that persons with disabilities are capable of can change the mentality of people towards them.
He said people with disabilities will easily be motivated and that they will embark on initiatives which can help them uplift their livelihood.
“Anything one does it’s because at a certain time they were motivated by someone, so we believe showcasing these short films will motivate persons will disabilities so that they start do some small businesses and stop depending on others,” he said.
FOA says will soon start different trainings to all people with disabilities so that they attain skills and knowledge on how they can make a living.
Among others the organization will train people with disabilities on how they can manage their businesses, how to use computers and educate them on how they can read and write.