As the search for ways to arrest attacks on people with albinism continues in the country, Poet Mollen Nazombe has taken a step further by releasing a poem titled “Pano Sitichoka,” lobbying government to put proper measures to deal with the barbaric act.

Speaking in an interview, Nazombe said as an artist, he can play a critical role in demystifying myths and superstitions that have led to the rising cases of violence against people with albinism and that he cannot stay without doing something.

“As an artist, I’m concerned as well, it is evil and government is not supposed to be silent, that is why I have written this poem to express my feeling on the issue, am telling you ,this is not on and it has to be stopped immediately”, He said.

In the poem Nazombe is saying finding the root cause of the act has to be a priority because it doesn’t feel good to see fellow human beings being killed as chickens.

Lyric “tafika potopa nazo, zatikwana izi, tsiku ndi tsiku kumangomva, kuona nkhani dzokhazokhazi, zaonjeza, zafika ponyasano, tabwera kwanu kuno lero, sitichoka , mpaka muchitepo kanthu , takuuzani muwateteze ma alubinowa ,asamangophedwa ngati  nkhuku,kodi mukumamva bwanji mukamaona zoopsazi pakanema wanuyo,moyo wa alubino ukutaika chotero?”.

Nazombe said he will recite the poem during “Bwalo la mabwalo” poetry feast scheduled for 19 June 2016 at M1 Center Point in Lilongwe and that people should expect an electrifying show.