By Joshua Williams Orwell Jr

Malawi’s poetry fiesta is here, and the event dubbed “The Warm Heart Poetry Festival,” will be launched on 3rd December at the Blantyre Cultural Centre.

In an interview with one of the organizers of the festival, Sylvester Kalizang’oma revealed that the event will be an annual gathering of poets and great thinkers.

“This warm heart poetry festival, is our festival, and it will be an annual gathering of poets, great thinkers, and artists every year,” said Sylvester Kalizang’oma.

Kalizang’oma bemoaned the dwindling standards of poetry in Malawi, noting that most of the poets masquerade with jokes as poems.

“As you know we are in the world of technology, it’s the world of democracy, people have a right to choose what they want, but real poetry is not all about jokes, it is about promoting our values and culture through poetry, not through jokes. Jokes is another form of art,” said Kalizang’oma.

Kalizang’oma further disclosed that the festival will also honor legendary poet Alfred Msadala, with a Lifetime Achiever Award, for his contribution to Malawi’s poetry community.

Msadala is a literary giant, who has presented the country on the international scene with his poetry, and also published a lot of books including recently “The War Drums Are Beating.”

The Warm Heart Poetry Festival, whose main theme is “Celebration of Poetry through Positive Thinking,” comprises of a star-studded cast set to perform at the launch, which includes Alfred Msadala, Norman Nyirenda, Raphael Sitima, and Yankho Seunda, among others.