By Alick Junior Sichali
Police in Chikwawa have instituted a manhunt for a thug who attempted to kidnap a 5-year-old boy with albinism in Ngabu.
Chikwawa Police Spokesperson, Foster Benjamin, confirmed the development in an interview with Maravi Post saying the boy escaped the kidnap in the wee hours of Saturday after his mother single-handedly fought the criminal.
Benjamin said the incident occurred at Zuze Village in the area of Senior Chief Ngabu in the district.
He further said the thug, who was masked, is believed to have entered the house through the front window.
“According to the boy’s mother, Margret Richard, her son woke up screaming after being grabbed by unknown man, awakened by the scream, the mother flickered on a torchlight that revealed a man in a mask, pulling at her son from the mat,”.
“The mother is said to have launched an onslaught, battling the suspected kidnapper,” Benjamin said.
Benjamin said at the time, the father of the house was asleep in a separate room and when he got into action the criminal already out.
He said when they visited the house they found out that the window was not reinforced as it was sealed using a sack.
Meanwhile, police have intensified a search for the thug and are urging members of the public  make sure that their houses are reinforced and properly secured.