Political assassination through road accidents that leaves no trace in MalawiAs we all know that politics is war without bloodshed but it has got indirect bloodshed that leaves no traces, while war is the continuation of politics with bloodshed and with the existence of traces. This happens when intra or inter party fails to agree on something and they finally opt for war or assassination. You must not forget that there are no accidents in politics everything happens for a purpose and if it fails plan B is always executed. This is common with leaders who are failures and as away of clinging to power and cover up their evil deeds killing is not absent.The common killings in Malawi by politicians is through road accidents and they have a number of ways which they use to eliminate people within them or outside the box. The first one this is what they do, they follow you closely especially where you park your car, they come also park where you are parking and unscrew the nuts of your car to loosen them. On this one they are able to estimate the distance you can travel depending on your velocity from 10km above and automatically after travelling a distance your car loses the tyre and you eventually overturned, sometimes they can even be calling you to move fast for an emergency meeting with important people so that when the accident happens you don’t survive. To avoid accidents of this nature make sure that you check your tyres anytime before you start your engine at least have a spanner to verify the tyres are tight, don’t consider yourself to be not on the wanted list everyone has an enemy.

The other dangerous prearranged accident that leaves no traces is head on, this one they arrange a number of cars a minimum of three. They follow you closely they do know your schedule through those close to you. This is what they do when you are on a journey they follow you and they set other cars ahead a of you and they regularly communicate so that cars ahead of you can becoming towards you. When ready to carry on the mission one car ahead of you over takes the other car on the mission hence coming with a head on collision with full lights especially at night and without knowing its a trap you do try to avoid the head on and you overturn a number of times.

Now the car which was behind you stops they come as rescuer’s taking you to hospital. If you are alive they finish you along the way to the hospital hence leaving no trace of assassination. Only few have survived this kind of accidents the living example is Obwande Deus Sandram along the Zalewa road which also claimed the life of late Raphael Tenthani. May the souls Comrade Ralph Tenthani, the true fighter Bishop Joseph Mukasa Zuza continue to rest in peace as you welcome our friend Eckren Kudontoni who was convincing President Mutharika to give back Ben Phiri his powers as a field marshal of the DPP as they call him, and earlier before his demise Kudontoni went to state house with his fortuner registration number BU 1133 and it seems he lost the battle to fight for Ben and it didn’t go well with other quarters within. We must not forget that late Bishop Zuza found no doctors to help him at Mzuzu hospital after the accident in the hills of Chikangawa and he was later pronounced dead.