DPP follow road signs
Road Signs: A Quick And Easy Overview.

By Saunders Jumah

Malawi is failing politically and economically because of lack of acknowledgement by the rulers that things are not okay.

Failure to accept mistakes and provide a platform for advice, DPP or any other government may and will not manage Malawi.

Amid hectic and critical political and economic tension that threatened the prevailing peace and stability in 2012, caretaker Joyce Banda quickly reversed the situation to normal because she stretched a hand of consultation and provided a platform for advice.

Within months if not weeks the tension that rose between citizens against the government eased. Sanjika and Malawi Palace in Blantyre and Lilongwe became more of a consultative hall.

Religious, political and civil society stakeholders were invited and the door was wide open for any advice. Joyce Banda did not have pressure on her shoulders because she applied a philosophy of Nelson Mandela (five fingers counted one by one are still called fingers but when fingers are to be counted together as one are called a fist).

Using this theme she had no enemy. Everyone in opposition worked with her and where possible gave advice. A nearly bankrupt nation got revived, fuel and forex became available.

Without segments and elements of doom that remained in the past system of DPP introducing Cash Gate Malawi could be somewhere by now.

Jealousies and anguish over change of power from one party to another Joyce Banda and her Peoples Party danced to the very music that DPP danced when late Bingu Wa Mutharika jumped Ship and formed his own DPP.

The segments and elements of UDF tried their best to suppress and oppress Bingu Wa Mutharika for the first five years. In two years Joyce Banda could not contain the situation to make Malawians understand the reality on the ground.

Added with gender issues involving the philosophy of Malificaloum her survival became so thin. We can learn something new from the lady president Joyce Banda.

Many will castigate this opinion because of other ills she did but when it comes to inclusiveness and consultation she is alone and one peculiar story.

We must always call a spade by its rightful name. History will recall that when the dispute of Lake Malawi nearly led the two sister countries of Tanzania and Malawi to war she consulted all opposition parties to state house to seek advice and the solution was indeed found “peaceful negotiations that led to mediation”.

DPP and Peter Mutharika lack this philosophy. During his term of office PAC re-emerged with a different direction from where the government was going instead of DPP and president Peter Mutharika engaging them to reach a common ground he started castigating and blaspheming PAC.

This is where DPP has lost it. Government is a biggest institution where no matter how intelligent and eloquent you can be, you cannot manage it solo.

DPP because of its education credentials wrongly think and believe that running a state has qualification in academic education.

This is wrong! You cannot run a prosperous nation or government with academic qualifications. Governments or any business can do well only if your education credentials are from Network 21 not otherwise.

Todate DPP and PAC are a cat and mouse. Even if they meet or sit side by side there will be no compromise.

This is why the 5+1 meeting that took place in Blantyre on the 7th of June 2017 did not produce tangible results.

The reason is that DPP and Peter Mutharika do not and are not ready to accept their failure, perhaps guilty conscious or lack of foresight.

But Malawi’s woes will only end the day the government start recognizing and respect dissenting views and consider.

We must know and acknowledge that our foundation from day one of Independence in 1963 when late Dr. Kamuzu Banda assumed power as a prime minister before declaration of independence on July 1964 was and has been shaky.

To conceretize our foundation we need each other. Critical views must be the menu of discussions at cabinet, parliamentary and presidential level.

If we avoid critical observations and view, Malawi is and will be the first country in the subregion to go into ethnic war because of deaf ears of stakeholders such as the government and the president.

In a country where patriotism and integrity are the order of the day; round table discussions like the one that PAC/DPP held was supposed to be cordial, amicable and mutual.

We submit to DPP and PAC to start looking at each other as nation builders and planners of the better tomorrow. Not as enemies or nemesis.