By Victoria Milanzi


BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)– One of the country’s political analyst, Wonderful Mkhutche  says the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has a long way to go to convince voters to vote for it.

Political scientist Mkhutche was analyzing political dynamics in all the parties ahead of the May elections.

Mkhutche  told The Maravi Post in an interview that DPP has a weak president as well as running  mate.


“DPP has fielded weak candidates, both the President and running-mate. In addition, the party has a long way to go to impress voters looking at its perceived dismal delivery,” said Mkhutche.


On United Transformation Movement (UTM), he said the party did not have enough time to campaign and that may be detrimental.



“But it seems the party is using every minute of the day to overcome this,” said Mkhutche.


He further said that MCP has two strong candidates at a time when the party is enjoying its greatest political moment since 1994. But with a divided vote from other two strong parties, DPP and UTM, MCP lacks the national appeal to overcome this.


According to Mkhutche, United Democratic Front (UDF) has a divided political support. Its leader Atupele Muluzi has been responsible for this.



He added that Atupele’s move to DPP in 2014 was not sanctioned by most supporters and it is approaching May 2019 a confused party of whether it belongs to the opposition or government side.


“For PP, Joyce Banda’s return and urge to lead the party once again made sure its supporters see no future. Malawi’s political future is behind Joyce Banda and PP knowing that she was away from Malawi for four years”,he highlighted.


When asked wheather UTM,DPP or MCP will win the May elections, Mkhutche said that needs a credible survey to be established. But it is certain that one among UTM, MCP and DPP will carry the day.


He then advised Malawians to vote wisely saying they  shouldn’t be carried away by the election fever and get involved in violence or fake news.


” Every elections has to carry this nation forward. But this happens when all electoral players recognizes that an election is beyond the ballot box. It is the rebuilding of the nation,” he said.


He however advised political parties that to put Malawians first. It should not only be about getting into power.


“Malawians want their lives to be moving forward and this is the foremost duty of political leaders,” he advised.


Commenting on the recent coalition that has taken place between People’s Party (PP) and Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Mkhutche said the electoral alliance is full of mystery and political naivety.


“This is not the time to be finding partners. This is time to consolidate the organization that was there when parties went to present their papers to MEC. Such abrupt alliances are confusing to supporters”, said Mkhutche.


He added that MCP was better off on its own as it presented to Malawians as a reformed party that want to take Malawi forward.


“Joyce Banda and PP represents a past Malawians would like to forget, especially with the infamous Cashgate in 2013,” he concluded.


Meanwhile, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Umodzi Party (UP) are the only parties which have launched it’s manifesto.