One of the most important things about Malawi’s 2019 post-election events is that idiots who are paid for essentially being sell-outs are being exposed. A whole lot of idiots who earn a living from doing some covert operations for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are coming out in defense of the illegitimate government.

Some paid idiots are emerging in what they think are subtle ways. But they are only fooling themselves. It is easy to know DPP stooges based on their actions. Afraid of losing their source of income, the paid idiots are using different ways to stop unprecedented protests across the country in demand of electoral justice.

At the beginning of the demonstrations, paid idiot and DPP cadet Inspector General of Police, Rodney Jose, instructed his officers to wantonly teargas protesters. When that failed to stop the demonstrations, he later wrote a ‘strong’ letter to Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), the organizers of the protests, demanding that the demonstrations should stop.

Rodney Jose
Police Inspector General (IG) Rodney Jose

This was Jose’s attempt to look tough and protect his source of income. Yes, it’s about protecting the regime that promoted him to the lucrative post that he holds now. Otherwise, how can such experienced senior police officer not know that the right to demonstrate is of great importance in our democracy? With retirement knocking on the door, Jose is already boot-licking his way to a post retirement political position.

DPP cadets, who are the lowest paid idiots, also tried their usual violent tactics to stop protesters from exercising their constitutional right. They beat protesters to scare them but the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers put them in their place. The blue terrorists were beaten to a pulp and taught lessons on who is who in Malawi.

The low paid idiots have now resorted to spreading fake news on social media in desperate attempts to stop demonstrations. Their antics include editing newspaper front-headlines to suit their agenda. With an election case now in progress, these defenders of an illegitimate government have become ‘legal experts’ spewing embarrassing legal commentary to sway public opinion.

Then there are paid idiots masquerading as human rights activists. Led by Fryson Chodzi and Bright Kampaundi, they held futile press conferences to denounce the demonstrations. These greedy paid idiots are not ashamed of anything. Their most embarrassing act was writing a letter to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to complain about demonstrations. The letter was agonizingly stupid.

As if that was not enough, they authored a reply ‘from the ICC’ with a forged signature of Judge Cuno Tarfusser. In the fake letter, the paid idiots referred Judge Tarfusser as ‘Second Vice President of the ICC’ even though he left this position four years ago! This is the best evidence of idiots protecting their sources of income.


Some paid idiots are coming from sections in our society that should not produce paid idiots. Two weeks ago, a paid idiot emerged from the clergy. Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, announced the formation of ‘Interfaith Forum for Peace, Justice and Dialogue’. The organization was formed in reaction to the election protests and is aimed at using the clergy to dilute Malawians’ enthusiasm to protest against DPP evils.

Bvumbwe named what he called interim committee members for the new organization. But within a few hours after the announcement, some people named in the committee denied being part of Bishop Bvumbwe’s initiative to save his source of income. A known DPP sympathizer, Bvumbwe was in such a hurry to defend his income that he simply sat on his bed, sipping wine with his wife and imposed membership on people he never consulted!

Educated paid idiots have not been spared the embarrassment of defending the evil regime. The face of educated elites defending their source of income is Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale. In court, Kaphale has been employing useless delaying tactics in order to deny Malawians electoral justice. He tried to have the election case dismissed but failed. He also tried moves to delay the case but failed.

Recently, Kaphale tried to persuade the courts to stop the demonstrations but he was unsuccessful. He has now shamelessly appealed to the supreme court. The sad thing is that even laymen can see that his submissions to stop people from exercising their constitutional right are legally flawed. Kaphale is now a paid idiot who is losing his integrity.

The list of paid idiots and their shameful tactics is long. Another educated paid idiot, Seodi White, held some TV crying drama to stop the demonstrations but ended up just embarrassing herself. DPP also unsuccessfully tried using city council paid idiots to stop the protests. Some DPP paid idiots sponsored a strange ‘demonstration against demonstrations’ conducted by ‘Lilongwe vendors’ but miserably failed.

The lesson concerned Malawians should learn from these desperate paid idiots is that they are part of a regime whose interest is to enrich a few people. Those are who are benefiting from the corruption are the ones defending DPP without shame. They will not stop at anything.

As protesters, we are demanding the end of this rigged system that has now shown its ugly side in election management. Therefore, we should fight hard to defeat the paid idiots who are just interested in sustaining the corrupt regime so that they continue getting paid. The protests have been effective and should not stop until we get what we want, a completely new governance structure that will benefit all.


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