By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-President Peter Mutharika is the one who asked former President Bakili Muluzi to call for dialogue with the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) over nationwide demonstrations to force beleaguered Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah to resign.

We can reveal that Muluzi was not interested to resolve the matter until Mutharika pleaded with him to intervene as a former President.

Mutharika then sent a delegation which comprised of Ben Phiri, Brown Mpinganjira and Francis Mphepo to convince Muluzi to ‘talk to Mtambo and his friends to stop this nonsense’.

“The dialogue that Muluzi is calling with HRDC leadership is not sincere. He has been sent by Mutharika,” said the source privy to the meetings.

“If it was indeed coming from Muluzi himself, he would not have done it the way this has been done. Why is he only inviting HRDC and not Jane Ansah? This is the work of DPP,” added the source.

The three representatives of Mutharika who met Muluzi at his BCA residence in Blantyre on Sunday night are said to have discussed their plan with Muluzi about the meeting with HRDC leadership.

“HRDC leaders should know they are dealing with DPP and Muluzi is just a front. Muluzi and Mutharika are in the same camp and they need to be careful. They should not drink anything and should request to meet at a neutral place and invite as many people including journalists,” said the source.

In a statement dated 22 July 2019, HRDC said they received the latter from Muluzi calling for a meeting and that they will meet Muluzi at a proper place outside his BCA residence because of security concerns.

“We will request that Justice Jane Ansah should be present  at the meeting. Again we demand that journalists should be present at the meeting as this is supposed to be an open meeting,open dialogue.

“We are against manipulative dialogue. Dialogue must be genuine, cordial, sincere and focused on real problems and real issues,” reads the statement in part.