By Saunders Jumah

Lilongwe-(MarviPost) 4 January, 2018 – Your Excellency Mr. President, your New Year’ message of 2018, must be read only to followers and supporters of your party who are royally blinded to believe on your leadership, not the nation of Malawi.

Your brother did not spend the first five years destroying, his good works were recognized on his first five years. Any good leader is noticed the very first time he or she enters office.

Your New Year’s message of hope the next five years is deceptive and distorting. Who can believe you for another five years when you have lied and failed in the past four years?

Sane people like those of us in MAENGA and several institutions are asking “what is it that you have done as from 2014 to-date that can be looked at like a foundation of hope for the next five years?

Your campaign against Joyce Banda, was that you will turn around the economy within months, and that you will completely root out corruption, and stop cash gate. You promised servant leadership. These are few among many lies, some of which were to open Nsanje harbour in 7 days.

Four years later none among the listed promises, have materialized. Your followers are blaming and accusing the “dictum of the Utopian” in trying to tell the nation that we must appreciate some of the positives you have made so far, but images of bridges being washed away, roads potholed within a year after being commissioned are everywhere. The question is, should we appreciate or register our positivity on such failed development?

As this statement is being read, power outages are everywhere across the nation. You have boosted of economic growth on paper but is that what citizens see and feel on the ground?

Your government without jealous or hatred, has become the most corrupt and looter of state funds in the history of our nation.

If statistics are followed for 31 years under Kamuzu Banda only 20 billion pounds (with the MK being equal or close to the British pound) were swindled. 10 years of UDF under Bakili Muluzi not more than MK2 billion was stolen.

From the time your late brother came in over MK92 and MK577 billion were stolen from the skeleton coffers of our nationhood. This is 8 years of Bingu Wa Mutharika from where you were a minister in several portfolios, meaning you were involved and benefited.

In under 4 years of your presidency over MK1 Trillion has been looted and no-one has been arrested or serving jail sentence.

You have always contradicted yourself in many occasions by shielding your administration by denying that your administration is corrupt but agreeing in the media and other fora that you preside over a corrupt administration.

Despite all these cries, none of your ministers has been convicted of corruption despite evidence where George Chaponda your second in command being found with hard proof in his possession.

In four years you have proved to be a corrupt friendly president. Almost each and every day Malawi’s only arm of justice “the media” has exposed your administration’s dirty deals and corruption involving huge amounts. Lack of your political will has seen all culprits shielded and defended.

All those that were involved in cash gate under the caretaker government of Joyce Banda that joined you are free yet those that supported Joyce Banda and other affiliations have been netted and are serving jail sentences. Those netted by Joyce Banda but wearing your party colours have been released on parole others on fake medical conditions.

For you to enter 2018 with that message of pessimism for the next 5 years is being cruel and hard heartened for a leader of a nation struggling in woes of your own hands.

Your Excellency if you have intelligence team follow news taking place in Zambia today, there is growing tension where your colleague is panicking if not pushed to resign if he does not wake up and start remaking the nation of Zambia.

Malawi and Zambia share everything, we will not sit back or watch you plunder the state resources in that manner where trillions are being swindled. As Zambians and Zimbabweans hunt for criminals at State house and government, Malawi will not lie idle.

This call is made today to you and your administration to stop corruption and it is a demand that you start infusing and inject political will to see all thieves in your cabinet and outside it, nailed and be sent to jail.

You have challenged us and all Malawians that you do not know any of the six ministers including yourself who are involved in the MK577 billion that you under political shineniganism, has reduced to MK236 billion, as if this much is nothing on the lives of 17 million citizens of our nation.

Your Excellency, the last leader that made Malawians fools was Kamuzu Banda, he managed to get away and ruled us his way, but after 1994 no leader will do as he/she pleases. You try to fool us by lying that your cabinet is clean from embezzlement of state funds; but you are failing to bring into public the forensic report where 13 of the several files are hidden. What is it that you are hiding in those files if you lie to say your government is clean from corruption and state looting?

Mr. President, you may have a good heart for Malawi, you may try to convince the nation of your good intentions about this country but if you do not arrest corrupt officials in your government who are stealing on a daily basis all your efforts will never be recognized or noticed. The Utopian has cautioned you about these several times but you fail to heed. This is what is to destroy you in the next 12 months.

No politician will be celebrated or recognized in Malawi if he or she entertains corruption and shield people that are depriving our nation of development in infrastructure and services through stealing.

Rumors are making rounds that you are coaxing members of parliament from opposition parties and their political movements to join you in a quest to deny the opposition Malawi Congress Party advantage of winning elections in 2019.

You are duping PP, you have already swallowed UDF so that you consolidate grip of power from the Southern base. This is not politics of the 21st century Mr. President.

If you want power to be regional, the best way is not using money or nepotism and favouritism. We are informed that you intend to give immunity to your nemesis Joyce Banda to join or support you so that you do not lose power from the majority South to Central region. This is pathetic.

Malawi is not South only! Neither is it because of the centre or north. Malawi is Malawi because of our borders that covers all regions and tribes. In today’s politics tribe or region don’t matter! What matters are policies and ideologies.

Malawians today are not looking at who is a Lhomwe, Chewa, Tumbuka or Nyanja; we are not even after who is educated because lately we have seen Professors acting more dull and dumb more than those whose feet never entered the school house.

An example is you Mr. President and Professor John Chisi a renowned University lecture. You Mr. President drafted a constitutional review of Malawi in 1995. Professor John Chisi teaches political science and other faculties, but today you preach exactly the opposite.

If you are to win second term of office beyond 2019 Your Excellency you need to read the minds of citizens in our present form of thinking. If you want us to follow your thinking of distributing money, preaching tribalism and regionalism, shielding thieves forget anything about second term.

Malawians are not who we were in 1964; we are not who we were in 1994 and we are not going to be who we are now in 2019. Stop taking us for granted Mr. President.

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the Publisher or the Editor of The Maravi Post

Saunders Jumah is a regular contributor of the Maravi Post. He works as an Administrator of the Malawi Engagement Group [MAENGA]