Support government policies and projects, PS Kainja tells staff

Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Information, Civic Education and Communications Technology, Esmie Kainja has advised members of staff under the ministry to work hard in support of government policies and projects.

Kainja made the remarks during a familiarization interaction with staff in the ministry’s Department of Information in Lilongwe on Thursday.

The PS interacted with staff after touring the department’s sections such as Malawi News Agency, Publications and Audio-Visual Section.

She said the ministry is the hub of information for government and it is also responsible for informing the public about essential government projects and policies, hence the need for the staff to align themselves with the mandate of the ministry.

Dr Kainja also cautioned the members of staff against jeopardizing government’s work because of the different party affiliations they may harbour.

“You should put your party affiliations aside and work hand in hand with government of the day without mudslinging the government,” said the principal secretary.

She said her visit to the department was to get first-hand information on how members of staff go about their day-to-day work and also to appreciate the environment they work in.

For smooth implementation of government’s development policies and agendas, Kainja advised the members of staff to work as a family and refrain from making one another feel inferior.

“We spend more time at the office than our homes, we should make sure that we create good working environment for ourselves and others,” Kainja said.

Having toured different sections of the department, the principal secretary said she had taken note of all the challenges the members of staff face and that she would ensure that something is done to address the challenges.

One notable challenge she observed was that the offices are scattered and that there was need for the different sections to be under one roof.

Members of staff were also given chance to express their challenges which included shortage of staff, staying too long on same positions without promotion and failure by the department to fill vacant positions.

In spite of such challenges, Kainja advised the staff to continue working hard, advising the staff that some of challenges could be solved if the department is proactive in say, creating new vacancies to create many chances for promotion as well as recruitment.

Kainja was appointed PS for the ministry in March 2019.