DOWA-(MaraviPost)-A newly installed Rawo Football Academy situated at Mtengowanthenga in Dowa, has received a donation of equipment from a London, England based academy known as FCV International Football Academy.

The donation includes a set of football uniform, a set of top jerseys, and a set of pairs of socks.

In an email interview with The Maravi Post from London, the director of FCV International Football Academy Graham Starmer said the academy is pleased to partner with a Malawian football academy and they have donated the items to help develop football in Malawi.

Starmer added that if this donation also helps raise awareness about their academy in Malawi then that too is great but was not the reason they supported RFA.

He said it is because in football around the world not everyone has the finances to develop their game and as this is what we do with players who join us and so we hope this donation of kit helps some of your players develop too.

“The reason we are glad to help is the fact that we are an International Football Academy and in the 10 years we have been running our academy, we have seen some very talented players but they just could never have joined us in the UK because they didn’t have the financial backing to come over to the UK.

‘We feel as a company it is very important to give something back to young footballers and football clubs, not only here in the UK but also overseas, and this is why we were happy to help. Also the timing of RFA to ask for donation was very good as we were just about to purchase new kit and therefore this became available!”

RFA director Rabson Woodwell expressed gratitude for the timely donation saying will really help motivate the kids, community and even the management team for their academy.

Woodwel added that their academy has three pillars which are football, spiritual formation, and Education Academic provision.

He said the academy believes that career can come from any field in life and they want to help many kids to derive football into career.

“Running a football academy in Malawi is hard work and its more challenging because it is so tough to find football equipment in Malawi and having received this help from our partners in London, it’s a great honour and no doubt, this is the signal of our success path way.

“You would want to know that Rawo Football Academy is just two and half months old, and just this short period alone, we have received three equipment donations with the initial one from Play Football Malawi,”he explained.

The founder of the academy also said that as an academy they need to combine football and academics and letting the student players know that all what you do in life minus God is useless that’s why they have incorporated the spiritual formation part where they have a chaplain Pastor Juma Phiri who teaches the children the word of God and brings in a Christian guidance and counseling.