Users all over the world keep all necessary information on the Memory card. It became one of the most popular ways to save all important data in one place and take it on the go. That’s why losing even a single file from the card because of some misclick can become a real frustration. If you don’t want to face such a problem, then remember how to recover files from SD card Mac.

Points to Recover Deleted files from an SD card

If you accidentally removed some important data, first what you need to do is to remain calm. Don’t get upset or hurry to throw your card into the bin. You’d better consider these useful tips:

  • Don’t use an SD card anymore. After realizing the problem, you should stop all manipulations with the device. Otherwise, the space that is occupied by the removed files will be overwritten. In this situation, memory card recovery will be impossible.
  • Forget about reformatting the card. Remember, that this operation will not provide you with a chance to return deleted files. So just avoid doing it and take into consideration 3 methods to perform compact flash card recover.

3 Ways to Quickly Recover Deleted Files

As it was mentioned before, first what you need to do is to remain calm. Only in this case, you will be able to use one of 3 possible schemas for returning data. Let’s look at them closer:

  1. Use Trash. This folder is present on every Mac computer. After deleting a file, it goes to trash first. Just enter the folder and get back all the necessary documents.
  2. Apply Time machine. Such app comes with recent macOS versions. It creates the backups of all available files so provide you with an opportunity to recover them if necessary.

Consider the best SD card recovery software Mac. This is the third and the most efficient option to get your files back. Disk Drill recovery tool for Mac will help you enjoy the excellent outcome. You just need to read detailed instruction on it.

Instruction to Get Back Files with Disk Drill

To begin with, you need to remember, the more you use a SD card, the more difficult it will be to restore files on it. You see, the camera doesn’t remove pictures completely. Some data is still kept on it. As a result, the chances to get back desired files are high until you overwrite this space with other images. So try not to use the card too many times. This is the first rule you should keep in mind. Next one is acting in accordance with step-by-step tutorial for Mac to:

  1. Visit a trusted website and download Disk Drill on your computer;
  2. Install the application in the special App folder and launch it;
  3. Connect the card reader or the camera;
  4. Scan the device with app to recover deleted files;
  5. Look carefully at the results of the scanning;
  6. Find the files in the list which you need to recover;
  7. Press “Recover” button and wait for the result\
  8. Get back your files and enjoy the outcome;

As you can see, all steps are very simple and quick. The time of scanning depends on the method you choose. It may be either quick or deep scan. Anyway, using Disk Drill you will not feel confused. The application itself is very intuitive and contains hints on every step of SD card recovery Mac.


When you realize you have lost important files, quickly go to the trash and look for them there. If the files are not in Trash, then consider using programs like Disk Drill at once. Don’t hurry and follow all mentioned before steps accurately. You will be impressed with the result for sure.