Rev Chimwemwe Mhango: his church is said to be crippling the CCAP of Livingstonia Synod

Malawi’s renown musician and cleric, Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango, who is the founder and leader of the Redeem Presbyterian Church in Malawi, continues crippling his former Church, Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), the Synod of Livingstonia,
officials have said.

According to one of the senior leaders at Kabwiri CCAP Church in Karonga
Greenwel Mwamondwe, most of their followers including those on church leadership positions,
are defecting to Mhango’s newly established Church.

Mwamondwe has been expressing his concern since February during the Sunday services. He has been also attacking Reverend Mhango for being a rebel.

“For him to be educated or become a pastor,  it was because of the CCAP. Maybe he has forgotten and I just want you to know,” said Mwamondwe.

“He should not deceive you and I don’t know what you want from him, he is
a rebel,” he added.

However, some CCAP followers who have joined Mhango’s Church, said there are
a lot of things that made them make the decision to move.

“We should not hide this to you, the CCAP has a lot things that are needed to be polished out. Among this, include segregation when it comes to selecting
leaders, as well as demanding cash from followers,” they said.

According to them, if the CCAP failed to change its behavior, only few
members, which include friends and families, will remain in it.

Among the senior members that have defected from the CCAP, include Pastor Mskane who is
popular in Karonga especially because of his healing gift.

Mhango was booted out as CCAP Pastor in Lilongwe after refusing to be transferred to Mzimba.
The synod was transferring him to Ekwendeni CCAP from Kanengo. That was in April 2015. His refusal had the backing from the Kanengo CCAP congregants.


In Sept 2015, the synod fired him. He then formed his church in December 2016 but it was officially revealed early January this year.