Chakwera and Msowoya
Msowoya, Kaliwo gang up against Chakwera

Following the arrest of Bon Kalindo, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera saw it fit to come out in support for the lawlessness by Kalindo and the newly registered UTM political Party led by Saulos Chilima.

However many questioned his sincerity as he has been seen as weak the last 5 years as opposition leader to the DPP led Government.

Lazarus Chakwera, says his position has been tough in as far as holding government accountable concerned the past five years although some quarters think he has been passive and un-effective.

Bon Kalindo
Bon Kalindo arrested for insulting Mutharika

He was speaking at a political rally in his Lilongwe North West Constituency on Saturday.

The Malawi Congress Party leader said the current regime has been ignoring his advices, defeating efforts of promoting political tolerance.

He said that several times, he has in vain tried to offer advice to the administration to address socio-economic challenges affecting the nation such as increasing corruption.

Dr. Chakwera said it is now surprising that the governing Democratic Progressive Party now wants to look good to Malawians by offering “too late development projects.

“If you listen to every statement I make, I have made suggestion after suggestion as to how things can be better. They chose to disregard that.

“Until you have the mantle to lead; those who lead make the decisions; and it is, according to our constitution, the Executive that has that prerogative.”

But government spokesperson, Henry Mussa, countered that Dr. Chakwera has never provided tangible advice to government on matters of national importance.

“What issues is he talking about? Please ask him to be clear on specific issues that he is talking about; otherwise I don’t even know what he is talking about,” he said.

Mismanagement of MCP

Jessie Kabwila
Jessie Kabwilo takes her MCP followers to UTM that has accepted her

Lazarus Chakwera has autocratically and brutally repressed and purged MCP members who oppose him from his own party. If Chakwera was Head of State, can you insult Lazarus Chakwera the same way people are insulting Malawi President Peter Mutharika and live?

What is even stranger is that a lawmaker such as Lazarus Chakwera supports people who deliberately break Malawian laws.

Chakwera further claims that “whatever unjust law is cited to empower such a ludicrous idea is equally primitive, unacceptable, and stupid, and will thus be repealed by my government.”

The MCP has been in parliament as an opposition party for the past 25 years. There is no record of them using the law-making institution such as the Parliament to change or repeal the laws that he calls stupid today.

Chakwera’s statement that the law will be “repealed by my government” shows that he is not only arrogant but dictatorial.

In his letter, Malawians need to remember that Chakwera did not condemn the lawless conduct by Chilima. Especially when the Vice President stormed the police station to intimidate the police.

Reverend Chakwera went on to show public support for lawlessness and anarchy. More expedient for him, than protecting the law enforcement institution.