By Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Be careful politicians and political parties of Malawi! Citizens of Malawi are not who they were in 1994. The past four governments have taught this nation all the subjects of life enough not to be cheated and deceived again.

In each and every political event instead of politicians discussing and debating with citizens or informing or showing them how good they are in offering service delivery; they are busy decampaigning and castigating rival political opponents.

If it is the political rally or event of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) party their development policy is castigating and despising Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Lazarus Chakwera.

If it is the event or rally of MCP what is discussed and castigated are DPP and Peter Mutharika.

All these does not articulate what Malawians anticipate or expect from their leaders.

On the part of the government and president Peter Mutharika they have instituted a special television and radio programs “Sapita Kawiri” for the sole purpose of diverting the peoples good intentions of voting for the opposition.

All political parties are embroiled in the cobwebs of discrediting one another without stipulating whats in stock for the people in their elections manifestos.

The ruling party which entered into government under a promise of good governance and a list of changes has turned against its own list and put the blame on opposition parties and leaders.

Countless projects and actions have not taken place; four years later the ruling party has created deceptive new projects that are all identified with ‘stones’.

The ruling party believe that the countless stones laid out across the country will be chameleons turning into airports, dual carriageways, universities, bitumen roads, hospitals, strong economy and improved lives.

The opposition parties instead of galvanizing on the failures of the ruling party are also embroiled with blindness of believing and trusting that in 2019 votes will just fall like rain in their ballot boxes in their favour.

Citizens on our part are also failures to seize the opportunity and realize we are the bargain that must streamline the direction of our nation by uniting to choose the best political party that will listen to our needs and aspirations.

Instead we are just disgruntled and clueless not knowing who to vote for in 2019.

Without reading the signs of hope and best direction citizens are split into voting patterns based on tribe, region and wealth.

The tragedy of Malawi is that “citizens” accept to be used, misused, confused and disused for a “penny”(Kwacha) when politicians and leaders plunder and enrich themselves.

In this dictum the ruling party is advised to stick to their manifesto promises and confess where it has failed. It must stamp out and root out corruption, it must arrest and bring to book all culprits starting with the prime suspect George Chaponda. It must stop nepotism and Lhomwenization.

The opposition parties must do postmortem as to why they have kept losing elections all along and rejuvenate or revamp their strategy to win the hearts of citizens.

As for us citizens, we are the only group that can change everything by choosing the best from the worst.

In 2019 we need to choose leaders and a political party that will allow (us, citizens) to use them by providing us with basic needs and deliver the uniform service we need and desire.

We must not vote for those that are entrenching divisions on tribe and region, we must not vote for corrupt and state looters. In doing so we will become conspirators of thieves and crooks against the nation we call home and mother as well as fatherland.

The future of Malawi is not in the hands of leaders, political parties and politicians. Leaders and politicians can flee into exile with our stolen taxes, will be given asylums, safe haven and diplomatic immunity yet the country, you and me cannot be allowed such privileges.

Fellow citizens of Malawi! Time has come for a new beginning in Malawi. Let us think upright and zoom into the future.

A better and prosperous Malawi is possible [with us on board] not the other way round.

The Utopian will continue to release similar dictums in the run up to the upcoming elections preparing the nation for a decisive and progressive future.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
The Utopian Principle Philosophy.