We all know that there is massive propaganda against our party being championed by a few mercenary journalists at state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC). By the way, I don’t have to mention the names of these few sold-out newsmen as we all know them.

In fact, I am reliably informed that there is stiff competition among these few mercenary journalists to out-class each other in attacking our party, the aim being to impress their political masters for favors. I have been briefed that it is survival of the fittest at MBC as you have to show excellence in attacking MCP to be included to the annual United Nations General Assembly trip in New York as a reward.

If you are a master of ceremonies during their so called development rally, you ensure that your voice runs hoarse with shouting ruling party slogans, that is if you are to be seen as a loyal bootlicker worthy taking a flight to New York! Very pathetic!

Nevertheless, we also know that there are many professional journalists at MBC who are refusing to be used and abused. We know you and we say thank you.

Now this brings us to our subject matter. Why are people still joining, supporting and sympathizing with our party? You see; people of high caliber such as Reverend Maurice Munthali are in the MCP tent. Former Presidential candidate Mama Loveness Gondwe recently joined our party.

Youthful and vibrant Francis Muluzi is in our camp. Kondi Msungama is, borrowing the youth language, also ‘in the building.’ Another intelligent young man, Francis David Chiwanga, is also ‘in the area.’ Experienced campaigners, Salim Bagus, is with us. Students in both public as well private universities are also supporting us, religious leaders, the list is endless.

My dear friends here on facebook page, the question remains: why such support and such sympathy despite such chastisement by MBC?

Well, let me attempt to unpack this for you.

My first observation is that the MBC propaganda is falling on deaf ears. This is because many people, myself inclusive, are convinced beyond reasonable doubt, that MCP, is now, a rebranded party. We know that the leader of the party, Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera, was not part and parcel of the old MCP people had issues with. Furthermore, there are new faces in MCP today. These are people who were not part and parcel of the old MCP. Over and above this, Reverend Dr Chakwera being a man of God, has repeatedly apologized to Malawians for whatever is associated with the old MCP.

The argument is simple: The fact that people had issues with the old MCP does not mean that the rebranded MCP under Dr Chakwera will repeat the same issues if given a chance to lead this country.

This is why I joined this party and this is why many are joining this party and this is why many are supporting and sympathizing with this party.

My second observation is that people in this country are convinced beyond any doubt that Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera is neither a tribalistic nor a regionalist leader. Dr Chakwera recognizes that we are all Malawians and that we must operate on that basis.

For instance, his dear wife, Monica Chakwera, is from the Northern region (Rumphi) and his children are married in almost all the regions of this country, in southern region, Thyolo district to be more specific.

Furthermore, Dr Chakwera’s running mate in the 2014 elections was from the Northern region and I am told that as the leader of the party, he nominated and canvassed support to have this Member of Parliament elected Speaker of the National Assembly.

People are aware that Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera is a national leader who is ready to work with every Malawian regardless of differences in terms of religion. A good example is myself: I am a Muslim but we are working harmoniously with Dr Chakwera. In as far as I am concerned, a leader must be uniting and all accommodating and this is what we are seeing in Dr Chakwera.

Finally, people are aware that those who were in the old MCP are in the ruling party today, disgracing themselves as evidenced by their public speeches. We know these mafias and we don’t need to mention their names.

My dear friends, Malawians have realized that Dr Lazarus Chakwera and the rebranded MCP deserve to be given a chance. This is why they are sympathizing with MCP. This is why they are joining MCP. This is why they are supporting MCP. This is why they voted for MCP in the 17th October 2017 by-elections and this is why they will do the same in 2019.

May God Bless Malawi
Sidik Mia
MCP Member

The views expressed by the article are not the views of the Publisger or the Editor of the Maravi Post