The Malawi Parliament on Wednesday confirmed Rodney Jose as the new Inspector General (IG) of Police services despite numerous calls from civil society organisations (CSOs) of his appointment .

This happened as government side managed to garner the much needed support from independent members to confirm Jose’ appointment.

The new IG amassed 96 votes to have the confirmation, as 55 legislators rejected his confirmation whilst two were absent.

The confirmation came after a bruising debate on the eligibility of Jose to be the top cop as the opposition members of parliament said he was not fit.

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Maxwell Thyolera in Parliament said Jose did not deserve the position because he has Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa murder case hanging over his head.

“A commission of inquiry implicated him as one of the suspects in the death of Robert Chasowa, today Mr Jose has not been cleared of the allegations,” said Thyolera.

Thyolera also said during his time as acting IG, the ruling Democratic Progressive
Party (DPP) cadets had become more powerful that they could beat up and harass opposition members and critics of President Peter Mutharika and the government.

The lawmaker added that DPP cadets could ambush leaders of the opposition and beat up and harass journalists and critics of the government in full view of the police.

“We are going towards the election, I do not know if we will have free and fair elections with such violence against the opposition,” he wondered.

Minister of Home Affairs Cecelia Chazama said Jose was hard working and patriotic Malawian who has served in the police for 35 years.

The 58 year old IG comes from Zomba, and was on April this year appointed by President Peter Mutharika.