Rumphi East MP implicates Malawi Police on his abduction

Rumphi East Member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua, on Monday accused the law enforcers for being behind his abduction.

Kalua further attacked the police for spreading false information that he faked the abduction.

The vocal legislator asked how the police came up with their conclusion that he staged the abduction, through their investigation within 24 hours.

“If the abductors were giving me food, and keep me at a good place, do you expect me looking dirty and very weak? I believe the police had the plan of portraying bad image to the public that I faked the abduction, that’s why they came up with their investigation results within 24 hours,” said Kamlepo.

Despite the police disclosing that Kalua has never been at his Chileka construction project, for inspecting, according to their investigation, the Rumphi East legislator argued that he has been going to the place regularly, and that it is where he was abducted.

“If the police said I have not been at Chileka for almost three months, who was paying the workers? As the owner of the project, and employer to the workers there, I was visiting the area regularly, so that I should know the progress and paying the workers,” he argued.

While thanking God for being alive, Kalua disclosed that he is planning to travel to South Africa for further medical examination, as he suspects the food that he was given, especially from the place he was hidden, may have been poisoned.

“I am indeed fine as of now, but I must go to South Africa for medical examination,” said Kalua.

Government spokesperson, who is also the Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi, has released a press statement, accusing the member of parliament, for staging his own abduction.

Nation police spokesperson James Kadadzera, said the police are continuing with their investigation, and threaten to arrest Kalua if he indeed, planned the abduction.

The Rumphi East legislator was found damped at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre on Sunday, with hands and legs tied, after his family claimed in social media, that he was missing.