Saulos Chilima
Saulos Chilima Enjoying Dinner with UTM Diaspora Supporters in Washington D.C – Pic taken by Maravipost Reporter

Washington, D.C. (MaraviPost):– Addressing Diaspora UTM Chapter tonight in Washington, D.C., Saulos Chilima said UTM was formed to ensure that there is change in Malawi

The way things are being done in Malawi is not right for the 17.5 million of our fellow Malawians

The UTM President and still Vice President Saulos Chilima said that when he takes over government he will appoint 50% women and 50% men all capable not just because they come from a certain area. This was in a way a dig at President Peter Mutharika who is said to favor Lomwe in leadership positions in the country.

Answering questions from the Diaspora chapter Saulos chilima said his government will also look after the elderly and widows.

He also said that there are many options for solving the energy crisis facing the country where blackout have come part of life

A Nigerian guest said that whatever MALAWI is doing, other countries are watching; she said therefore she gives her stamp of approval for Chilima and the UTM, your re doing a great thing.

“We need to commit and sacrifice for the good of the 17 million people. They matter more than we do,” Chilima said.

He said we are the one who put the rulers in power and we cannot be scared of them.