Seodi White
World renown Human rights activist Seodi White leads march in Support of Jane Ansah

Saul Banda writing on Facebook:

I can confess here that after Joyce Banda messed up everything during her two-year accidental Presidency; many people including the author lost every single trust they had on our women. We concluded that women cannot make good characters as they are weak emotionally and prone to manipulation.

I must confess that it was a grave mistake because we never knew we had strong, powerful and intelligent women in the league of *Seodi White* (Sc).

Personally I must confess that until last week when she organised and led a 10,000 people peaceful parade; I rose up, rubbed my eyes in disbelief, I never knew Seodi is this powerful…Until yesterday’s interview with Brian Banda I used to take Seodi White like any other women. I was wrong.

Seodi is exceptionally intelligent, articulate, experienced and most importantly a true patriot who believes in herself and the cause that she advances. Without contradiction, Brian Banda has had the worst day of his life when this “Live Wire” called Seodi pounded him to dust leaving him mouth agape. Seodi White is indisputably a role model to many people (men and women), a true patriot and a Lioness!

Onjezani Kenani on Facebook

BRIAN: Some Malawians with albinism have been killed; some women have had their hands chopped by abusive husbands; you never cried on national television. How special is this Jane Ansah case to you?

SEODI: Every situation is different. Why are you men afraid of a woman’s tears? This is propaganda…