A person who claimed to be UTM Party Governor for Northern Region has stolen MK750,000 from business people at Mzuzu main market.

According to Mzuzu market Chairman, Mike Gama, a fellow trader introduced them to the ‘Governor’ identified as Chipiliro Chiwaula who claimed that government awarded him a contract to construct toilets and he wanted cash to complete the job.

The traders gave Chiwaula MK750,000 cash and he gave them three signed cheques for a total amount of MK754,000.

The group later deposited the cheques at FDH but they were surprised when the bank told them that Chiwaula’s account had no money.

When they contacted Chiwaula, he directed them to his lawyer who told the group that Chiwaula would give them the money in three monthly installments.

But the trickster did not fulfill the promise during this month as promised and the group decided to report the matter to police.

They also later found out that Chiwaula had duped other people using similar tricks.

Meanwhile, Chiwaula is in police custody answering two charges of theft of over MK1.2 million.

Gama however said their intention is not to punish Chiwaula but to get their money back since the theft has affected their businesses.

He also expressed worry that Chiwaula managed to steal from young business people by masquerading as a UTM Governor, a malpractice that can put the image of UTM in jeopardy in the Northern Region.

“The man claimed to be the UTM Party Regional Governor for the Northern Region and that he controls UTM money in the region.

“What if Dr Saulos Chilima wins in next year’s elections and such people given positions?

“They will be unrealistic because they will just be milking Malawians,” he said.

Despite rumours that the suspect was a senior member in the party, UTM officials have vehemently denied him.