Philanthropist Sidik Mia who is also a business tycoon and seasoned politician—now leading opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential running mate in the 21 May 2019 watershed election—renowned for his charity work, has now gone flat out to help people who have been adversely affected by floods in Shire Valley.

‘As BBC put it, the floods this year caught us (Malawi) off-guard. However, on our part as Sidik Mia Foundation, our charity machinery has been activated and we have started giving help to those who have been affected.

“I will visit four affected areas here in Chikwawa and later in the afternoon, I will descend to Nsanje for the same exercise,” said Mia at Kulima village in Chikwawa—the first place for the exercise where he distributed Maize Flour (Ufa) and cow peas to the affected people.

– Sidik Mia

Sidik Mia
Sidik Mia on the ground helping flood victims in Shire Valley

Quizzed if he is doing it out of politics, Mia said helping people is his way of life.

“Are you a stranger in Shire Valley and in our country,” queried Mia adding “charity is part of my life. It is in my DNA and this is why we have Sidik Mia Foundation…it is a charitable organization.”

Politically, state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC TV) in its bulletin yesterday carried comments from a social media bully Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadet, Lyson Sibande, masquerading as a social commentator, where in advancing partisan interests for his party, attacked the opposition MCP and Sidik Mia for holding celebrations, referring to the launch of the party Manifesto in Lilongwe, over the weekend.

According to the DPP operative Sibande, MCP and Mia were insensitive to hold the Manifesto launch when a cross section of the people were affected by floods.

Mia downplayed the accusation as cheap political propaganda.

“Information about the extent of the damage was trickling in on the eve and during the launch of our Manifesto such that our president, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, directed during the Manifesto launch that we fundraise to help those affected by the floods. Over 5 million kwacha was realized—within minutes—following that plea on that day, is this what they are calling being “insensitive” to the plight of flood victims?” countered Mia.

As we draw close to elections, DPP is trying its best to discredit MCP, which many political commentators, are hailing it (MCP) of being “ready and steady to govern” and more importantly they say that the MCP, a liberation party, is now, more than ever before, “focused, organized and united” to win the May 21 watershed election.