Bushiri and Mbolo
Controversial preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophet Mbhoro met in Midrand yesterday. Bushiri is being investigated by the hawks amidst allegations of rape. Photo Thulani Mbele. 12/05/2018

Last week it was reported that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng met in Midrand to iron out their differences and turn over a new leaf.

South African’s prominent men of the cloth – Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng – are now drinking from the same pool of Siloam, it was reported

The two charismatic church heavyweights had for five years been publicly crucifying each other and often skewered each other in their sermons.

The news of the two making up had social Media in Malawi and South Africa on a fire. A few examples from our The Maravi Post popular FaceBook page:

Quinzo Boibots Jesus went to the cross of Calvary for all to love one another. I love Jesus Christ of Nazareth, without Him nothing will ever move. Thank You Jesus for Your Holiness.

Ronnie Mvula This is good indeed. Men of the collar should be exemplary

Arnold Onxwheezy James Work together to……

Maria Matawa Kapere They know how much they have to loose if they do not plan together against Government’s decision to clam down on scrupulous looters of spiritually hungry and thirsty christians.

Elliot Dibeela Good news indeed!   Prophets, pastors and everyone committed to serving God should not only preach civility, peace and reconciliation in their Christian duties but walk the talk by being exemplary. They should set the example to their teachings that people have no right to hold offence against anybody.

Thank you Prophets. Thank you for burring the hatchet.
This will definitely not only be for your own good, but for the good of us all who are relying on you for spiritual guidance and protection.