It was not long time ago when Raphael Kasambara was the darling of social media. When he was appointed as Joyce Banda’s Justice Minister and Attorney General, I remember an outcry of support from his Facebook fans when he offered to quit Facebook because of his new Ministerial responsibilities. The public forced him to stay on.

When Bingu WA Mutharika arrested Ralph Kasambara, the words, ‘human rights lawyer’ were thrown around by many in the media to garner sympathy for his cause.

Kasambara convinced many that his arrest was politically motivated. He had been outspoken in his criticism of Malawi’s president, Bingu WA Mutharika and many of his Facebook fans believed him against Bingu WA Mutharika who told the nation that Raphael Kasambara was corrupt.

A coalition of churches, civil society and rights groups condemned the arrest of Kasambara. It issued a statement “noting the deliberate ploy by the government to arrest human rights defenders on flimsy and politically motivated charges with the view to instill fear among Malawians”.

UK-based rights group Amnesty International at that time also demanded his immediate release from Jail.

Start of Downfall

Times have changed now. Raphael Kasambara languishes in jail because he cannot get bail. Accused of attempted murder and threatening the life of witnesses against him and maybe even a judge.

“We have gathered evidence which suggests that Mr Kasambara was involved in the shooting of Mr Paul Mphwiyo” police spokesman Kelvin Maigwa told the Maravi Post and other media in the country.

Mr Kasambara had been fired from the cabinet by his friend and client former President Joyce Banda.

A lawyer by profession, Raphael Kasambara had been appointed justice minister when Mrs Joyce Banda first came to power following the death of President Bingu WA Mutharika in April 2012.

After becoming president, Mrs Joyce Banda sought to take immediate steps to restore relations with donors and the International Monetary Fund, including a devaluation of the currency by a third.

Norway suspended its budget aid when they found out that the shooting was caused by massive cash embezzlement and other donors followed suit. Demands then followed that the Joyce Banda government investigate the allegations of embezzlement.

Finance Minister Maxwell Mkwezalamba then predicted that the decision to withhold budget assistance would have a “massive impact” on Malawians.

Mr Mphwiyo, who was the budget director in the finance ministry, was flown to South Africa for medical treatment after he was shot on 13 September. When he recovered he pointed the finger at Raphael Kasambara as one of the people responsible.

Since then the support for the once touted Human rights lawyer falsely imprisoned by Bingu WA Mutharika has waned.

His many friends and supporters on social Media as evidence appear to mount against him are deserting him in masses as many say he deserves what he is getting.

Syd Phiri Ndiyetu paja enanu mumati mkuluyu ndi actor. U actor wakewo akapanga kwambiri atakamusankha nyapala!

Stieve Selassie King Likakuona litsilo sikata mvula pa iwe

Ivan Yohane Can you conclude with the case please other wise you torturing him and the his family

Yusuf Kadango Ndimamva kuti T B Joshua amapeleka Bail pa modzi ndi Bushili?

Court observers and those in the know believe Raphael Kasambara should be preparing for a long stay in Jail as the evidence continue to mount against him.