Late Kamuzu Banda
Late Kamuzu Banda

Not about your interests, Just pray. Will you join me?

Father, after spending some good years in the hands of Dictator Kamuzu Banda who ruled with an iron fist, we voted for pluralism in 1993. This quest for democratic progress was highlighted in the historic 1994 presidential election when Kamuzu lost the office to Bakili Muluzi of United Democratic Front (UDF). The dawn of democracy was charged with excitement and high expectations as everyone, seems, was optimistic of being fully represented in the national assembly.

Father, while Muluzi’s win symbolized an evolution from authoritarian rule towards legitimate democracy, it appeared to accomplish little real change and his successors just became fixated with power and the trend continues.

Almighty Father, we come before you from a struggling nation –politically and economically- on this beautiful day you have allowed us to witness. As we celebrate the life of our very first Malawi leader, Kamuzu Banda, we are much ashamed as our human knowledge and power have failed to turn things around; our back-to-back criticisms against the incumbent leader have been just making them changing for the worse; we have tried to choose spokespersons among us, but they have chosen to speak for themselves.

Father, without your presence, at the plot number 1, our leaders have failed to choose supporting staff; our leaders have failed to differentiate loyalty from flattery;  our leaders have failed to recognize that  it’s not few individuals close to them who made them to be where they are, but the ordinary people.

Father, it’s our unfeigned realization that we forgot to call your Holy Spirit to guide our leaders. Jehovah, we pray for the Holy Spirit to flourish at Kamuzu Palace. Bless our leader Mighty Father, help him to lead with wisdom. Father, he is a man who carries an incredible weight of responsibility not only as a steward of our nation and its resources, but as a steward of Your desires.  We seek Your presence wherever our leader is, as Your presence will help our leader to see politics not as secular leadership, but as spiritual leadership.

Lord, we have been struggling as a nation; political leadership has been a problem, but I believe that with your presence at the first citizen’s residence, a fresh approach will prevail and we will advance peace, stability and prosperity despite the difficulties we face.

Jehova, you are God who make impossible things possible; you are God who made a desolate land of Israel flourish, and with very few natural resources, they have used their fertile minds to turn Israel into a global center of technology and innovation. Lord, we believe with your presence, the same will happen on our land.

Jehovah, we seek your torch of truth and justice to shine upon Kamuzu Palace as that will help safeguarding our common future. Most of all Lord, draw our leader to Yourself. You love him. Help him to know that deeply. Help him to see people as You see people. May he rejoice at the things that make You rejoice. May his heart breaks with the things that break Yours. Today, tomorrow, and always…I trust You. To You be the glory, honor, and power now and for evermore.


 May the soul of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda continue resting in peace.