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Big Bullets FC charged with ‘abducting’ Mzuni FC player; Ramadan implicated

Mtungambera HarawaMZUZU (MaraviPost)--TNM Super League rookies Mzuni FC which is fondly known as the Green Intellectuals has filed a complaint to the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) submitting to the Sulom secretariat that Big Bullets abducted their player Niyikiza Aimable—a Burundian by nationality.

Standard Bank challenges Flames with Knock-Out Cup

Malawi FlamesStandard Bank has challenged Flames coach Ernest Mtawali and his backroom staff to use the bank’s Knock-Out Cup which launches today, to prepare players for national team duties.

Confirming return of the Knock-Out Cup, Marketing Manager Brian Mungomo said the cup has come at an opportune time as the Flames gear up for international tournaments under a new coaching panel.

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Ernest Mtawali is apparently the next Flames Victim to the follies of Nyamilandu

MtawaliIt appears Walter Nyamilandu and his cohorts at The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) have settled for football legend Ernest Mtawali as their sacrificial coach for the Flames and Burundian Nsanzurwimo Ramadhan who is coach for local giants Big Bullets will be his assistant.


Being a national Team head coach of any country is an honorable thing, but not for the Malawi Flames a team that has seen many good coaches fail for lack of direction from the top. Walter Nyamilandu has guided Malawi Football to one of its worst period and yet he stays the top man without any blame. The Minister of Sports should force his dismissal. Walter Nyamilandu appears to not answer to anyone in the country.

Moyale Barracks FC pens FAM; threatens to protest wanderers Carlsberg cup game


1.Reference is here-by made to your unfounded and disappointing choice of venue for the Carlsberg Cup semi-finals involving ourselves (Moyale FC) and Be Forward Wanderers FC.

2.We believe every competition in football is based on principles of fairness, sportsmanship and entertainment apart from marketing policy of the Sponsors that be. We have come to realise it has been your intention throughout this Competition to deliberately frustrate Moyale FC by scheduling all our games away from both our home ground and our fans/supporters who you are well aware that they are in Mzuzu. This is unfair considering that the other Three (3) Semi-finalists have been allowed to play at home infront of their Supporters/fans at least once since the competition started.

3.You are therefore reminded that when a team is travelling it incurs unwelcome costs that encompass fuel, wear and tears, food, accommodation, allowances and other unforeseen expenses. If a team travels always to participate in a Competition, which has never happened anywhere in the World, (team playing away always and wins a Competition) it will in any case use more resources than the ultimate prize money of the Competition, except when it is for charity. Therefore by forcing Moyale Barracks FC to play away from home, you are, in effect, subjecting the team to Zero return on resources even if it eventually wins the Competition.

4.We would like to believe that it is important for Carlsberg Malawi, Sponsors of the Competition, to market their products across the Country by ensuring that Northern Region and particularly Mzuzu customers get a glimpse of at least one quarterfinal- onward game of this years competition, and also to market their newly Oxygen refurbished plant in Mzuzu using such an opportunity. However with the choice of your venues, it appears more of a mockery to Northern Region Customers and in effect jeopardises the very purpose on why Carlsberg Malawi is continuing to Sponsor the Competition.

5.In conclusion we want to categorically state that the Venue be changed from Civo to Mzuzu Stadium inorder to enable our fans/Supporters and Carlsberg Malawi Customers in the Northern Region to watch their team. We would like to observe that this years competition has been a classic example of poor management, a supposed reflection of the current FAM administration which fails to see obvious unwelcome politics in football, and that it would not want to bring in the controversy of Moyale FC failing to pitch up at the Venue because of your apparent unfairness, unsportmanship and shear incompetence as regards to basic rules of the game of football. Of course as per your mediocre explanation, Civo Stadium is a neutral venue for Moyale FC and Be Forward Wanderers FC. What of Big Bullets FC playing Silver Strikers FC at Kamuzu Stadium? Is this a neutral venue?

General Secretary
Moyale Football Club

Copy to:-
Carlsberg Malawi
Justice Dingiswayo MADISE

Executive Committee: LT Col LE Mwase (Chairman), Major J T Tayali, LT P M K Gausi (Genaral Secretary), Sgt N Phiri (Treasure), Justice Madise (Legal Advisor), WOII B Mtepelera,
Cpl CD Nkhoma,(Executive Members)

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Malawi Flames draw Tanzania in 2018 World Cup qualifier

Malawi FlamesThe draw for the preliminary stages of the 2018 World Cup has taken place and Malawi will face Tanzania in the preliminary stages with the winner facing Algeria before going into the group stages.

Recently Tanzania has invested more money in the team in hope of improvement. Tanzania has beaten Burkina Faso twice in the African Nations cup qualifiers and beat Cameroon 1-0 in a friendly match. The most recent result was a 3–1 win against Morocco in World Cup Qualifying in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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