Malawi Police
Surprising! girl resurrects after dies in 1997

A girl identiefied as Mercy Chibwana from Namulenga village in Mulanje, has resurrected after she died 20 years ago, police has confirmed.

Mulanje police spokesperson Gresham Ngwira, said the girl, now a woman reappeared in the district ‪on Wednesday morning.

Ngwira said the girl died in 1997 while she was in form 2.

“Yesterday the girl reappeared, and started following another woman who asked her where she was going, only to tell her that she would narrate everything to the police,” Ngwira said.

“When she arrived at Namulenga police unit, she failed to say anything, compelling officers to refer her to the nearby health centre.” he added.

According to Ngwira, while there, she started mentioning some names of her relatives, which made the people to call the mentioned relations who identified her through some marks on her body.

Due to her health condition, the doctors at Mulanje district hospital admitted her, and she is receiving treatment. The medical authorities have asked the police to let her rest.

The police said they will continue interrogating the girl when she comes into her sense.