After exchanging an adorable kiss at the finale of world cup in Russia, people from all parts of the world think the French president Emmanuel Macron and the Croatian female President Kolinda Graber-Kitarovic can make a good couple.

The two presidents who sat in their VIP seats at Russia’s Luzhniki Stadium during the final World Cup match looked a little too cozy for heads-of-state.

Despite the fact the two were rivals at the stadium with each of their team fighting for victory, the two presidents seemed to have forgotten all that and went on to get comfortable with each other while both their teams were on the playing field battling it out.

One could have actually thought that Kolinda was a wife of the 39-year-old Macron. Except that Macron’s wife is called Brigitte and is 64 year old.

On the other side, Kolinda has been married to security analyst Jakov Kitarović since 1996 and they have two children.

Beautiful Kolinda could not stop hugging Macron during the match and even when they were not offered umbrellas during the down-pour, the two did not mind, well they had each other.

In fact some were questioning why despite her Croatian team losing, Kolinda was visibly the most excited person in the pitch during the medal-giving ceremony.

Was it because it was the first time Croatia got to a World Cup final or because she had fun with the company of the handsome and young French president?

Anyway, we shall let you be the judges!!!