Who caused the arrest of Gay Couple in MalawiAccording to my English professor a good mystery story must have five basic but important elements. These five elements as taught to me are the characters, the setting, the plot, the problem, and the solution. These essential elements keep the story running smoothly and allow the clues to the solution of the mystery to be revealed in a logical way that the reader can follow.

Our Characters

The Obvious main characters in the gay issue that has gone viral on both social and mainstream media are obviously the two Gay gentlemen who chose to share their private activities with anyone who showed curiosity. According to those who have followed the story, these two gentlemen shared a cocktail in a public place and after quenching their thirst, they decided to go home. So far no mystery here.


One of the Gentlemen then according to local residence and witnesses decides to go by his friends home where he was allowed in and after considerable time inside the home was seen leaving, so far nothing unusual.  The supporting Characters to the plot according to the village whispers are the community Police, The Malawi Civil society and Western Donor Nation Diplomats.


 The setting is then in the Privacy of their homes and the surrounding areas of the Malawi Capital City Lilongwe.


According to those that see everything in the village the plot starts when the one  Gentleman was seen leaving the house when he accidentally bumped into members of the community policing, who apparently must have positioned themselves waiting for the guy?, Does one start smelling a rat?,  How did these Community Police find themselves at this very location?

The Community policing guys ask the Gentleman what was happening in the house, the guy volunteers that they were having sex (anal sex.). He then just volunteers breaking the law.  Another serious smell of a rotten rat here.  So who is the hero or Villain so far? Questions and more questions.

Then some neighbours or should we say village idiots or are they smartly planted agitators start stoning the house of the other Gay guy who remained in his house.  Questions continue to mount. Who are these Neighbours and what is their grievance? 

Things now start moving at breaking speed, Malawi police then take the two consenting adults to Jail. More questions and few answers so far.

The Maravi Post and Social media start reporting about the arrest of the consenting adults and the arrest from the privacy of their homes. Confessions here from the editor. We reported the story just like everyone else without asking the right questions. WHY?


As has been done in the past The Malawi Civil Society is quick to condemn the arrest without asking the questions. Anal sex is still illegal in Malawi. Until the laws are changed or amended Civil Society should agree that anyone who confesses to the police about breaking any law including that of having anal sex with another person should answer to that crime. So why is Civil Society blaming the ruling administration and demand an immediate release of law breakers?  More questions and few answers so it seems.


Donors and the self-Righteous

With as much breaking speed The American Ambassador Virginia Palmer takes to Facebook to condemn the arrest, then the Germany Embassy, then British high Commissioner, then…well, the list goes on and on. But Why?


Our characters and the crime appears to be simple. The Crime one would surmise is two consenting adults admitting to breaking the law and being arrested for it. Boy it would nice if it was so simple.  One should leave by the words of Ivan Pavlov who said the following,

Don’t become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin”.

So who has committed the crime in question? The Peter Mutharika government which has failed to change an old archaic homophobic law. If you look at countries like Uganda, Zimbabwe and you can add majority of African Countries changing this law would be going against our traditions.


The western world which has just now started coming to accept these same laws as being outdated, Can now not wait to shove them on our throats. In the recent past they have resisted amending their own archaic laws and arrested many amongst them for breaking the same laws which they are now demanding Africa to Fix or lose financial support. 


Many observers have then come to the conclusion that the whole thing was staged to continue to punish the Peter Mutharika Government which appears to doing extremely fine in addressing the cashgate issue which was a conditionality in some quarters to start the flow of Budgetary support.

Many supporters of Government rightly believe performance in meeting the demands of the Donors is causing panic among those who made this a conditionality for resumption of direct budgetary support.

So, it is just proper for them to create situations that justify their failure to stick to the promise.

 Are we also hearing of ATI Bill being a conditionality if it is not passed by December 2015? Now which parliamentary session is that?

You now can start seeing that our main two characters could be said to be mere pawns in a bigger plot to undermine the Cashgate prosecutions and the shedding of the excuses to deny resumptions of budgetary support.


Is Malawi Civil Society unwilling participant to this crime or are they directly taking orders from a Villain who remains hidden. Were the Malawi community Police duped into an arrest that resulted and justified the un-necessary hoopla from the Donor nations?

We have raised enough questions. Things appear to be not what they seem. Have we raised enough questions?


Contributors: James Mwangalli and Elwin R Mandowa