By Malawi News Agency

Malawi Police in Kasungu are hunting for six suspects who on Thursday night broke into the compound of Father Sebastian Malango’s house  at  St. Joseph Catholic Church and stole K800 000.

Kasungu Police Spokesperson Harry Kamwaza said that on the night of September 10, 2018 around 1:30 am, the suspected  used a big hole on the fence to enter into the father’s compound.

“They tied up a watch man with ropes before inflicting a knife wound on his right forefinger. Later on, the criminalsbroke the main entrance door to get into the house,” he said.

Kamwaza added that the three criminals entered the house and demanded for money.

“Three of the criminals went inside while the other three remained outside where thethree in the house met the father in the corridors.

“They then used threats and violence while they demanded for money and due to fear he surrendered the amount of Mk 800 000 including an laptop and then the criminals left the place,” the Police Spokesperson said.

Police say they  launched an  investigation into the matter.