By Lusekero Mhango

A one and a half year old baby girl with albinism has been abducted whilst sleeping in the early hours of today in Karonga.

The kidnapping of the toddler living with albinism comes barely three weeks after 54 year old Yasin Phiri with albinism was brutally murdered in his own home in Nkhatabay district on the eve of new years day.

According to senior chief wasambo’s personal assistant Fumbani Tengamowa Munthali, the incident happened around 4am when the mother of the child, Roness Nkonjera went out to answer a call of nature.

He said when she came back into the house she noticed the child was not there and cried out for help.

“After hearing the screams from the mother people rushed to the house and noticed the back door was broken into and then altered the police on the abduction,” he said.

He added the community is shocked with the incident as they didn’t suspect such incidents to happen in their areas.

Confirming the development Karonga police officer in charge Brenant Chitanda, said investigations are already underway to trace the whereabouts of the missing child and the people involved in the abducting.

He said, the baby Eunice Nkhonjera hails from the area of group village headman Malongo in traditional Authority Wasambo in the district.

“As the police we on the ground conducting our investigations and more information will follow soon,” he said.