Regulated Gambling
Regulated Gambling

Malawi like most other African nations is currently faced with a challenge of a high unemployment rate, especially among the youths. While the government is taking massive strides to address this challenge, it will take years before the challenge is completely wiped out. However, while waiting for the government to come up with long-term solutions, there are some things that the youth on their own can do in order to earn an income. Below, we take a look at some of these methods.


The word gambling does have negative connotations especially in some sections of society. However, gambling if done responsibly can be a great way to earn some cash. For those committed, gambling can actually provide a stable income to sustain one’s life. The key to succeeding in gambling is to gamble legitimately i.e. if gambling online, you have to gamble at online sites which are recognized in one’s jurisdiction in this instance Malawi. This stakes review shows that the allows players from Malawi to gamble legally. Once you choose the desired online , the next step is to look for some few funds that will bankroll you during your first gaming sessions. With this settled, you can look for the gambling niche (playing games, sports betting or novelty betting) you want to engage in and start your gambling adventure.

Online Trading

Online trading is an adventure that can be done by anyone more so those who have some background knowledge in stocks, cryptocurrencies or economic and political analysis. However, this does not mean if you have no knowledge in such fields you cannot partake in online trading; you will just need to educate yourself first before you start your adventure. Using the internet, you can find everything there is to learn about online trading from beginners’ guides, trading strategies to tips on how to become an elite trader. The beauty of online trading is that it is a lucrative field which has the potential of rewarding traders generously or even turns some in instant millionaires!

Completing Online Tasks

Regardless of the skills you possess, there is someone somewhere who is in need of those skills. The trick, therefore, is to look for the person in need of skills that you have. Thanks to the internet, finding such people is not that difficult. Sites such as Fiverr, Clickworkers, and Figure Eight among others link those with special skills with those in need of special skills.