KARONGA-(MaraviPost)-Community in Chilumba, the southern part of Karonga are currently living in fear following revelations that witches have planned to kill number of people for cerebration during Christmas and New Year.

Traditionally, it is believed that witches kills their relatives not just because of being jealous but they eat their dead bodies as normal meat during night.

After seeing that number of people developed strange diseases, the community invited a Zambian witchdoctor known as Ndodoyani and a local, popularly known as Muyaluka.

The two revealed that the area has witches who are very dangerous and powerful.

Consequently, Ndodoyani from Zambia, has been taking powerful charms from witches in different group village headmen using his walking stick.

Muyaluka, a well known local witchdoctor has been revealing names of people who were in the process to be killed by witches during Christmas and New Year cerebration.

For instance, he said one of the most powerful and dangerous witch in the area of Group Village Headman Kachaka, village headman Chimangimangi planned to kill people within his relatives.

According to Muyaluka, the most powerful charm that village headman Chimangimangi was using in killing people was ‘Ndondosha’ (a type of charm that looks like a human being but very short in nature).

Village headman Chimangimangi admitted to have powerful and dangerous charms but he said it was left by his late father.

Muyaluka managed to kill the power of the said charms which was hidden around the graveyard and assured people that their lives are saved.

Among the seven who were on the list to killed by village headman Chimangimangi include, Zikani Mwafulirwa, Pataweni Mwafulirwa, Mazuwa Mwafulirwa (now village headman Jeremiah), Banana Mwafulirwa and Mseka Mwafulirwa.

According to Malawi constitution and government, there is no witchcraft existence in the country.

The constitution also empowers the law enforcers to arrest anyone accusing his friend or relative of being practicing witchcraft.

However, it is reported that the police in the area allows the community to invite the traditional doctors to deal with witches since it is a traditional belief but ask them to do this in sober mind.

There is fear that the development may lead to disputes in the area.