Leader of the political pressure group, Transformation Alliance (AT) Moses Kunkuyu has asked the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to probe all cabinet ministers saying the former agriculture minister Dr. George Chaponda was just a whistle blower.

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday in Blantyre, the pressure group leader expressed concern over the increase of flagrant corruption amongst the cabinet ministers.

Kunkuyu said his organization believes that the ACB will find evidence of corrupt practices in all ministers when probed properly.

rampant corruption in Malawi government departments

“We want the ACB to immediately probe all cabinet ministers because we believe that what was in Chaponda’s house will also be found in other ministers,” said Kunkuyu.

The former information minister further asked the ACB to arrest Chaponda for being found with huge amounts of money in his house saying the act was against the law.

Some observers have said this act is akin to money laundering.

Kunkuyu wondered how the minister kept the huge amount of money in his house while people are starving.

The call Kunkuyu made, echoes the demand of the opposition law makers made in the Parliament on Wednesday.

The opposition said Chaponda must be arrested over money laundering case just as Pika Manondo.

However, the ex agriculture minister argued that the said money was from his businesses.