Conleith Chester Selenje, Research coordinator for Lost History Foundation in a press statement made available to Maravi Post says,   “We have always admired not only his vivid documentation of Malawi history but also the depth of his analytical work on the political economy of Malawi and his immaculate image of a distinguished intellectual.

“We will continue to immensely utilise his writings on history as valuable reference materials, and himself will remain forever in our hearts as our role model in our journey of digging and interrogating the history of Malawi which has remained purposefully hidden, distorted and misrepresented for a long time”.

Chilikunzako said Phiri was an opinion leader who addressed divisive topics soberly.

The family member  told this publication that DD Phiri’s ailing health has been lack of appetite with no or little food consumption and for almost a week he has been panicky breathing.

DD Phiri was this week on Oxygen-dialysis machine.

Dr. Phiri was instrumental to historical and economic analysis of the country

Phiri was born in Mzimba, Malawi. He went to Blantyre Secondary School and Livingstonia and London.

The columnist later moved to England and studied Economics, History, and Sociology at the London School of Economics (part of the University of London).

Phiri  received an honorary doctorate from the University of Malawi.

He worked as a diplomat in the foreign service and retired from the civil service in 1976.