RUMPHI-(MaraviPost)-Tumbuka Chief on Wednesday demanded an apology from entire Livingstonia Synod leadership for messing up during the burial of paramount Chilulamayembe on Tuesday this week.

Below is the full statement from Temba Chikulamayembe’s headquarters.

Reverend Nyondo a


From: Themba Chikulamayembe Headquarters, Box 1 Bolero, RUMPHI


To:     The Moderator, CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, Box 112, MZUZU


Date:  05 December 2018


CC:    Moderator, Bolero CCAP


Moderator, Rumphi CCAP


Chief Secretary for the Government,


Office of President and

Cabinet, Lilongwe,


Secretary for Local Government and Rural Development,

Capital Hill,



District Commissioner,


Rumphi District Council, Rumphi






First and foremost we would like to thank His Excellency the State

President of the Republic of Malawi, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika

for honoring our late Paramount Chief with Military Honors.


We would

also like to thank President Mutharika for personally attending the

burial ceremony of our beloved leader.


We were greatly honored and we

say thank you.

We say thank you again to all the people of Malawi, Tumbuka and

non-Tumbuka for your coming and support rendered to the royal family

of the late Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe during this sad time.


But we would like to strongly  condemn what happened during the

funeral service of our beloved Chief as rudely displayed in the

character of  Rev.Levi Nyondo and Rev Douglas Chipofya who are General

Secretary and Moderator of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia



We did not like the conduct of the two Synod officials

for dishonoring our late Paramount Chief by causing confusion and

chaos during the funeral service.


The funeral ceremony was a State event and as such it is the family in collaboration with the State to decide on who should speak and who

should not at the funeral. Their conduct only displayed that they went

beyond their role and responsibility as a church on a funeral of a great a King of the Tumbuka.


The two Synod leaders, Nyondo and

Chipofya dishonored our chief and we demand an unconditional apology

from them.


We would like to call upon Mr Nyondo and Mr Chipofya to explain why

they thought of demeaning the Chikulamayembe Chieftaincy as well as

the entire Tumbuka culture in such an embarrassing manner in the presence of the leader of the Country. Does it mean they do not value

and respect authority?


It is our strong belief that even you

yourselves in your own church set-up you appropriately respect the

laid down authority.

We demand an immediate and an unconditional apology from Mr Nyondo and

his moderator Mr Chipofya first to the Tumbuka people and their chiefs

and to the State President of the land for dishonoring not only the

late Paramount Chief but the President as well.


As Tumbuka chiefs; we would like to advise the two leaders, that if

there are any outstanding issues between them and the Head of State,

they should seek an amicable way of resolving such matters other than

utilizing the sacred platforms as the burial of a renowned Tumbuka



We would also like to state in strongest terms that as chiefs,

we serve the Government of the day whose President was demeaned at the



Therefore we are not happy to see the two leaders spoiling

our good working relationship with the sitting Head of State.


We are further saddened by the conduct of the Synod moderator Douglas

Chipofya that by virtue of being our own son from the district, he

should have known best how to respect our norms and traditions.


Chipofya hails from Mwazisi in the same area of Themba la Mathemba



Again we would like to advise the two Synod leaders, Rev Chipofya and

Nyondo that they should realize that being men of God does not mean

they are above the law of the land. They would have known better that

no-one is above Government protocol as stipulated in the statutes.


We expect that the two as revered men of God should display an exemplary

behavior during esteemed gatherings like the funeral of Themba la

Mathemba Chikulayembe.


Sadly, as chiefs, we noted with grave concern how the two leaders kept

on interrupting State-designated Director of Ceremonies.


As chiefs,

we expected to hear the message of peace and love from the two church leaders; sadly we were disappointed to note that the conduct displayed

by Rev Nyondo and Rev Chipofya left a lot to the admired as they did that in public in the presence of a duly elected Head of State and Government of Malawi.


As chiefs, we appreciate that whether some people voted for the

current President or not, but he remains the duly elected Head of State of the Republic of Malawi because the majority elected him.


According to the Holy Bible as quoted in the book of Psalms Chapter 27

verses 4 and 5, the Church is supposed to be a refuge where people

seek comfort.


We are however saddened that the conduct by the leaders

defeats this understanding. This therefore gives us a lot of



Finally, we advise you that your preaching, as men of God must be led

by the Holy Spirit and not by your personal emotions.

Signed by:


Chief Principal Group Village Headman Kabazamawe


Chief Principal Group Village Headman Khalapamhanya


Principal Group Village Headman Kamzinga