The United States on Tuesday June 19, 2018, walked out of the United Nations Human Rights Council almost half way through its second three year team on the Council.

According to a diplomatic note from the Permanent Mission of the US to the UN, to diplomatic missions in New York and made available to the Maravi Post, the US is storming out of this multilateral body because of its “myopic focus and anti-Israel” stand

This is the third multilateral body the US is walking away from since Donald Trump took office 18 months ago.

The US charges that there are various countries that are members of the Council that have worse human rights offenses; its action cones as a notice that the US will not take the hypocrisy the Council excuses.

The US walk out cones against a backdrop of over two thousand children that are currently living in tent cities after they were separated from their parents at the Mexican border. The US President is under intense criticism for this policy of separating what he calls illegal immigrants; his supporters are saying the policy is to deter others from terming to enter the US illegally.

Opponents to the policy however have called it inhuman and un-America. The critics of the policy include all former US First Ladies, (Roslyn Carter, Hilary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama), and current First Lady Malarnia Trump.