By Saunders Jumah

Tempers are rising, the moment of truth is shifting towards you. You are the major political players on the forthcoming tripartite elections in 2019.

Malawians are not living in 1964 neither are they craving to get back to 1994. This is 2018 and we are all focusing on 2019 and beyond. Our concerns are not who did what in 1964 or who went wrong in 1994. Our main concern is how can we get out of the mess of 1964 and how do we shift the attention from 1994 to the present and future aspirations.

Malawi is one of the advanced nations in SADC because whatever happens in South Africa affects and has effect on us, likewise what happens in East Africa affect and has effect on us too.

Not sidelining international affairs; what happens in Europe, America and Asia do affect and has great effects that impact on our day to day lives.

It seems you two have not realized this; you are playing politics of the past.

You cannot instruct national radio and television to influence voting patterns based on the history of the past. In fact what you are doing is decampaigning yourself, by going around uprooting victims of one party state system to come and help you expoze the ills of one party government is belittling and undermining yourself because no one listens to you.

As i said and alluded already Malawians may not be “literate on paper” but are “civilized in mind” you cannot deceive us no more no less.

The campaign you are doing is what we did to make citizens vote for multiparty democracy from 1990 to 1993.

Bakili Muluzi and UDF could not use the same manifesto or tactic to win votes in 1999.

He had to use the fruits of democracy of five years from 1994 inorder to win elections and he won.

20 years later you cannot come back to remind Malawians of the past thinking you will get votes. Am sorry to tell the name of the spade ” you are cheating yourselves”.

President Peter Mutharika cannot stand up and tell Malawians how bad one party state was, he fled into exile long before one party state became dangerously brutal.

When he came back with his late brother he was the first to hire the killers, abductors, ruthless MCP architects, engineers and planners of evil in Malawi Congress Party into the party (DPP) that is seeking second term in 2019.

You are giving and creating a conducive political mileage for Lazarus Chakwera. You are making Lazarus Chakwera campaign more easier because your resources are used to catapult him into the presidency in 2019.

One wonders with the kind of intellectual intelligence that is in DPP how come your party has sank so low to advocate for old age campaign strategy?

In 1999 to 2004 or 2009 no politician could use the history of Kamuzu Banda’s achaic rule because that was under one party system. We are in multiparty democracy now.

Your program “Sapita kawiri” is failing you, because constitutionally Malawi will never return to one party state but citizens can vote for the new and rebranded Malawi Congress Party in multiparty dispensation.

A simple and visible lesson. “In Namibia a party that was formed by apartheid regime and gave to Africans to defeat liberation struggle Swapo party called DTA (Democratic Turnalle Alliance) has never won more than 20 seats after independence of Namibia in 1990.

In 2014 it changed its leadership to young and clean people it is now the official opposition in the country” Swapo party did not waste time reminding Namibians the worst part of apartheid in South West Africa then. Citizens are not after the past but the present challenges and aspirations.

You are wasting time and resources bringing back citizens to the 1980s. If you were to garner support how many people is your government compensating for the ills of one party state?

All those you are shipping and transporting from far corners of the country to MBC studios to air the trauma they went through; are you going to compensate them? Do not play with the agonies of citizens for your political gains.

DPP has Nicholas Dausi a notorious Malawi Young Pioneers cader, it has Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba a doctor whose acts are known during Kamuzu Banda’s rule and one party state. Why are you not arresting them for the same atrocities?

Are you not ashamed going about deceiving yourself about the past? If you are real why do you keep torture players and killers in your party and turn to play Angelic politics?

This dictum is offering free strategy if your party is to gain momentum that has limped so far. Leave democracy aside, you are not part of it and you cannot claim to talk about.

Talk of how you are going to tackle corruption and state looting in your second term. From now to 2019 start apprehending thieves and send them to jail, issue a decree that all the thieves as from 2005 who stole state money, tractors, houses from Malawi Housing Corporation, farms, land must return them to state if they are to skip jail.

Claim all the money stolen by all crooked politicians including the MK61 billion that your late brother looted from state.

Use that money to start constructions of infrastructure across the country including the foundation stones you have laid.

Be strict and stand against corruption and state looting. Denounce Lhomwenization and fire all that are perceived to be hired because of tribe and balance your hiring process to include the diverse people of this land.

In 2019 all parties in Malawi and their supporters will vote for you and your party in power only if the above advice is followed. Not the less!

Believe you me the concern of the nation today from South, North, East or West is corruption and state looting not what Dr. Kamuzu Banda or Bakili Muluzi did in 1964 or 1994.

If you know that you cannot do this because either you are involved or you are trying to save your brothers’ stolen billions then forget state house in 2019.

MAENGA and I have had a survey around the nation, citizens are concerned of the deterioration of their livelihoods caused by state theft by government figureheads and members of the ruling party.

Citizens recognize that more people are dying or have died under your government than the number of people killed physically by one party state regime.

There are no medicine in hospitals, roads are impassable in many parts of the country including my constituency of Blantyre Rural west. Education standard has been crippled, social services have completely closed, energy is down, innovation is absent; the list of ills are extravagant and more.

Yet your party is arrogant to the cries of the people.

MCP may not have more supporters but the dictum foresee many sympathetic votes going to MCP and Lazarus Chakwera in 2019.

Malawians are angry with your attitude that openly shows you shield and favour thieves. This in itself makes you an accomplice and conspirator of corruption and state looting.

You were supposed to be hard and tough on this vice but you have been smooth and soft making noone to trust and have hope in you.

If you are to win the hearts of citizens and perhaps to lure votes in 2019 deal with the issues of the present that matters more of “bread and butter” for today and now. Not the past.

Until you heed to this “none selective advice” shall your political career serve you more beyond 2019.

Do not rely on rigging tactics Malawians are more civil than they were in 2014. What happened in 2014 will not happen again, besides many if not most of your cronies and henchmen are with you day time but come to their senses at night and be on the side of the citizens because your action towards curbing corruption and state looting is hurting their relatives, companions and the nation at large.

This part below is for MCP and Lazarus Chakwera! Every hope is in you for the future of this country, not because you are the best, in the absence of cakes brochens are regarded as cakes.

Or the term “half a loaf is better than no bread at all” gives you the upper hand.

Despite the fertile ground; you are not stipulating to citizens what is on offer on your table, you are not bringing policy changes to the people for us to know what direction of politics you will undertake.

Are you using tactics of hiding your opponents to steal from you? This is democracy people vote based on manifesto and change of policies. In the absence of that you are giving a precedence that transformation you preach about is not true at all.

Your party is accused of being pro-Lilongwe and regional, the structure of the executive committee comprise of members from one district you come from. How would you assure Malawians that you will be accommodative and inclusive when you get into power?

There is a hot issue of the language “Chichewa” Malawians do not speak chichewa but Chinyanja, it is well known that this is one of the authoritarian rule of one party state of Kamuzu Banda, as a rebranded party how do you plan or what promise do you give citizens to correct this mistake.

By letting citizens speak “chewa” is promoting tribalism because other tribes will need to speak their languages and shun “chewa” because it is typical of tribalism and superiority.

What measures is your party having to show that you will not wear the shoes of Dr. Kamuzu Banda?

Your party colours depicts the face of a man whose history is part of the dark era of the country, why do you still use the same face of the man the nation worry about?

Why not introduce party colours without the face to extinguish bad history? You blame your rival Peter Mutharika of Lhomwenization, the structure of your executive committee looks more of “Chewalization” too what difference are you making from Peter Mutharika?

There are splits within your party, many of those who differ with you call you a dictator and your archrival are galvanizing on this what assurance do you give to the nation taking in mind you are leading a party that rejected multiparty democracy?

Are you going to tolerate criticism, are you not going to arrest free speech and freedom of press?

Who is Lazarus Chakwera as a politician and who is Lazarus Chakwera as a person.

If you become a president what criteria will you use to unite this devastated nation?

Malawi has lost billions in corruption and state looting if you are voted as a president of the Republic of Malawi how do you plan to stop this vice of stealing peoples’ taxes.

Your party is cracked what plans do you have that can seal the cracks to give confidence to citizens that with the growing tension our nation is in due to tribalism and regionalism, how will you manage to put this nation together if you are failing to bring your party to unity.

Many citizens have lost hope in DPP and president Peter Mutharika they are looking for alternative avenue to allay their trust, do you think you are the right choice? Why?

Our nation has lacked short term and long term vision for about 30 years now. What are you going to do or what is your plan to bring citizens and the nation to the point of starting to build a new foundation of visionary future?

With you the dictum is more about questions because we do not have an insight of what type of a leader you can be. We will be able to judge you if you are luck and ascend to the presidency come 2019.

Malawians are tired of theft by leaders, we are tired of corruption and rottenness of our system starting from the bottom to the top in the civil service.

Public sector has disappointed we are looking forward for “Reform and Transformation” of the civil service starting from cleaners to the presidency.

You need to heed to the needs of the people on paper as well as in deeds.

Time of political theory is over this is the time for practice.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian is a member of the Pan African Forum, founder of FORUM FOR THE FUTURE OF AFRICA [FFFA] member of MAENGA [MALAWI ENGAGEMENT GROUP] member of DEFENDERS OF THE FUTURE OF MALAWI [MADEFU] belongs to the Utopian philosophy of speaking without fear or favour (black is black and white is white) in the Utopian dictomy “a donkey is not a horse”.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Utopian philosophy team.