Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Do I look sick?

His Excellency the President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has called on people in Mchinji to vote for ruling Democratic Progressive Party candidate Stephano Kamwani during November 1 by-elections in Mchinji West Constituency.

Professor Mutharika made the call during a public rally at Bua Primary School Ground in Mchinji Thursday afternoon. The Malawi leader said the DPP is development driven and has already allocated money for various development projects across the country.

Professor Mutharika pledged to continue constructing roads across the country saying his government wants to start rehabilitating township, district and rural roads.

The Malawi leader said he wants to bring development to the local masses. He further said his government will continue saving the people of Malawi in all regions despite that some few individuals are not appreciating government’s efforts.

Professor Mutharika said he is much aware of the challenges Malawians youth are facing in the country and promised that his government will continue coming up with programs that will benefit all people.

He also promised that the DPP led government will continue with FISP and Malata Subsidy Programme for the betterment of all Malawians.

He further told the gathering that no one will die of hunger as have government through Admarc has procured enough maize both commercial and humanitarian purposes.

Meanwhile, government has secured 100,000 metric tonnes of maize from Zambia and delivery of the commodity will start in November. Malawi will also be exempted from the ban Zambian government imposed on all maize exports.

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and water development George Chaponda signed the deal in Zambia on behalf of the government. National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) has current stock of more than 90,000 metric tonnes of maize.

Government has also received $7.5 million from the World Bank to procure 22,000 metric tonnes of the staple food. With $23million received from the World Bank, World Food Programme will procure 70,000 metric tonnes.

• People’s Republic of China has given Malawi 6,500 metric tonnes of rice.

• WFP will be procuring 74,000 metric tonnes of maize from the international market.

• USAID will also provide 14,735 metric tonnes to WFP for humanitarian relief.

• ADMARC needed to stock 206,677 metric tonnes of maize for sale, but government ordered Admarc to stock 400,000 metric of maize.

• There is already over 100,000 metric tonnes in Admarc markets, ready to be sold.

• Admarc will be procuring extra 300,000 metric tonnes of maize. They have already engaged Mexico, Brazil and Romania for the same.

• And Admarc opened its markets and selling points across the country on Monday