Saulos Chilima
File Photo: VP Chilima: assures more support to flood victims

Mchinji, July 22, 2017: Vice President Saulos Chilima on Saturday, called on people in the country to preserve food after realizing sing bumper harvest this year.


Chilima was speaking at Ludzi Catholic Mission in Mchinji when he attended the Silver Jubilee Sisters Veronica Massa, who is Head Teacher for Ludzi Girls Secondary School, Beatrice Chidatha who is Officer-in-Charge for Ludzi Community Hospital, and also Final Profession Vows of Prisca Mwausegha. They all serve under the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa.

“As we are celebrating 25 years in sisterhood and serving God, we need to thank God for the good harvests this year, but also remind people of the need to preserve food,” the Vice President said.


Chilima said there is need to store maize and other produce in case there is drought in the next farming season.


“We should minimize our eating habits. Just because we have enough maize, it does not mean we should eat nsima five times a day,” he said.


The Vice President, who is responsible for disaster and relief management in Malawi, also stressed the need for the people who have enough food for them to share with those who do not have enough.


On the Silver Jubilee Celebrations, the Vice President commended the three Catholic nuns for persevering and dedicating their lives to serving God.


“As you continue serving God through sisterhood, I appeal to you to continue to serve Him with commitment,” he said.


In his remarks, Archbishop of Lilongwe Diocese, Tarcisius Ziyaye, called on the clergy in the Church to dedicate themselves to their calling of leading people to follow Christ.


“Apart from doing your social responsibilities in the education and health sector, you need to encourage the flock to follow catechism and be strong in their Christian faith,” he said.


The Silver Jubilee celebration was attended by traditional, religious and political leaders and also the alumni of Ludzi Catholic schools.