Leader and founder of People’s Land Organisation (PLO), Vincent Wandale on Thursday attacked government for planning to take his life especially by sending him to Zomba Mental Hospital.

Senior Resident Magistrate Paul Chiotcha ordered Wandale to stay at Zomba mental hospital for a period of one month in order to undergo mental treatment.

The court’s order followed the medical report compiled by a psychiatrist at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Senior resident Magistrate Chiotcha said the court shall continue with the case a month after Wandale came back from the mental hospital.

According to Chiotcha, the court cannot continue with the case while it has full medical report that Wandale has a mental problem.

The development mean that Wandale who was arrested last month and charged with publication of false statements that likely to cause fear and alarm to the public will not face trial.

However, the development angered Wandale, the self-clamed President of United States of Mulanje and Thyolo (MUST) and suspect that government is after his life.

He wondered why the court sent him Zomba while there are some mental hospitals in Lilongwe.

While denying to be mentally ill, Wandale said issues of his illness are suppose to be in the hands of his family and parents.

“I want to go to South Africa or private hospital for medical checkup. I am not mentally ill as government portray. The decision is to kill me,” said Wandale.

His mother said her son is not mentally ill and wondered why government is only dealing with Wandale out of the group (PLO).

“If he is mentally ill then the whole PLO group is the same. How can a mentally ill lead a group of normal people? He is among the senior government officials especially in the ministry of agriculture, why did they failed to notice this? Something is wrong somewhere,” said Wandale’s mother.

However, the state prosecutor argued that government is doing this as stipulated in the constitution.