Malawi parliament

A system of government was put in place a long time ago, because any territory has to take care of itself by way of contributing. Citizens pay tax solely on this purpose not otherwise. This is why the people entitled to manage or administer the contributions are elected on a one-man-one vote system. This simply means our vote is “an appointment letter of employment” to the president, ministers, members of parliament, and councillors.

Democracy was introduced to give the people a chance of screening the performance of these men and women who are employed by their employers also known as “citizens.”

For 23 years our democracy has been tampered with, raped, sabotaged, defiled because it’s initial meaning of “the government of the people, for the people by the people,” has been short-changed and twisted. It is now “the government of the rulers for their family and by their tribe.”

Every Kwacha that we contribute as tax, has made these [our] employees to be powerful, rich, stubborn, greedy, and selfish. In the corporate world, it is the owner, of the company or industry that choose it’s “auditors,” “lawyers,” and “banks”.

In the political world, the employee is given extraordinary power to choose everything, which in the case of Malawi, is suicidal.

Our taxes have empowered our elected leaders to become thieves, crooks, swindlers, liars, mafias, and killers.

Which is why Defenders of the Future of Malawi and Save Malawi Foundation, demand the change in the system, so that Malawians must know how their money paid as tax, is used, how much, and where it goes.

Project government was created to provide essentials, necessities, and needs of the people and territory. For 23 years this project has failed Malawi and Malawians.

Tax money that was supposed to buy medicines in hospitals, is buying luxury needs of office holders in the presidency, the ministry and parliament.

Specifically, our tax is building personal posh houses, buying luxury cars, and enriching office bearers in the president, ministers and members of parliament.

Instead of the taxes developing Malawi with rail, road, air, and marine networks, the office bearers starting from Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi, Bingu Wa Mutharika, Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika with their minions, have bought villas, palaces and mansions in and outside Malawi. While our country does not have national real estates, they have chain of businesses and properties in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

My area, which is separated by Michiru hill Blantyre rural west, is an ancient village without a bitumen road, although the first international airport, was build in this area. Although the national power grid of Mkula Falls and city water network, comes from this area, development in this area is ancient. The main and first international road that passed in this area Blantyre – Mwanza via Chileka road was closed, as if this constituency is non-existent with people.

Development is selective, and only for the areas where presidents and ministers come from.

This has reduced all the citizens, to beggars and slaves. When the poorest citizens die, members of parliament, councillors and ministers, use the very same [our] taxes, to come and buy our votes and treat us as imbeciles, with coffins, on condition that we vote for them.


Citizens do not have access to the banks that keep our taxes, the auditors never report to the tax payers, but to the employee, who in our case in Malawi, have turned to be great thieves and crooks.

Taking in mind the political history of Malawi for the past 53 years, time has come for Malawi to introduce a new and peculiar system that will govern and administer the country.

We demand that the office of the Auditor-General, the Attorney-General and the National Police, be moved from the appointment of the president instead, must come to be under Parliament, and report to Parliament.

We also demand that every month all tax revenue be made public, so that citizens must have an idea of the amount collected.

There must be a committee that must comprise all political parties represented and not represented in parliament, to meet the executive of the newly-established National Planning Commission, to decide what the money must do.

In this case medicines in hospitals, will be readily available, closed schools will be reopened, areas like my constituency where there is no development, will see light of development, particularly our brothers and sisters from the north, that we are openly castigating and insulting [northerners will never rule Malawi], while political officers smile at them.

This will stop us seeing new mansions in Ndata farm, Kapoloma, Malosa and Ngulu ya Nawambe.

The presidency is not a passport to endless riches, it is supposed to be an eye opener of the country towards prosperity and development.

In Malawi the presidency has disgraced the entire system of government and leadership.

The bottom line is for tax payers to have an account for whatever they are paying for in the government of Malawi. Sane and upright people who are patriotic citizens of Malawi, must support this movement for the better of our future and the generation after us.

In doing this, we will purge and stop corruption, in doing this, all office bearers will work to earn a living not to corrupt, in order to get riches.

We will blow a whistle telling and informing them that leadership is not self-enrichment or theft, but service.