To say Patricia Kaliati is controversial would be an understatement. After the death of President Bingu WA Mutharika, she was involved in a constitutional crisis in Malawi and was dubbed as one of the ‘midnight six’. President WA Mutharika died on April 5, 2012 and there was an attempted constitutional coup that she is connected to. On 6 April 2012 Kaliati addressed a press conference as government spokesperson, she said “Honourable Joyce Banda was not eligible to take over the leadership of this country because she formed her own party”.  Joyce Banda was sworn in as President the next day.

However If there is a person and personality more suited to defend the Peter Mutharika administration it is our Pal “Akweni”.  No one rushed in to aid the Peter Mutharika Government upon taking office. The same donors and African countries who within weeks of Joyce Banda taking office rushed in with Financial and material support were Luke warm at best to the Peter Mutharika Government.


Within days opinion Makers and the opposition like MCP who never fully conceded defeat were lobbying critism at the new administration. It is obvious the Peter Mutharika was never prepared for this. They have looked disorganized and failed to defend their record and plans. People like Seodi White have done a better job on Facebook defending the administration than the feeble spokes people they have paraded so far.


However Akweni one with the sharp tongue will not take resignation calls from the opposition lying down. All we can say is the battle has been joined. Jessie Kabwira and others be warned.


As Minister of Information and Civic Education, Honourable Patricia Kaliati, M.P. has the responsibility to speak on behalf of the administration and defend its policies. Madam Kaliati is in her element and finally someone will stand up for the Mutharika Government.